VeChain News Today – Headlines for March 27

  • Crypto market enters green zone
  • Tezos and VeChain post 30% gains over the last week
  • The price of Monero increased from $34 to $53 in the past week

VeChain News Today – for most of the altcoins in the digital asset market, the last few weeks have been worrisome. However, after enduring a difficult time all through mid-March, it will appear that the fortunes of these altcoins may be starting to reverse to the green side. While the present price action of the bulk of altcoins is far from where they stood at the beginning of this year, there have been some recent price surges.

This development has come as a welcome change to the atmosphere of the market. In the last few days, cryptos like Monero, VeChain, and Tezos have all recorded significant gains. Let’s see how these coins have performed.

VeChain and Tezos Posted Gains Over the Last Week

For VeChain, 2020 has been a lackluster year so far. One month ago, recall that it was announced that Bitrue and CREAM were working together to help develop the VeChain Blockchain. Despite the promising news, the effort didn’t leave a lasting impression on Tezos’ price. Last week, however, became a remarkably period for the coin.

VET posted 34% gains from 19 March to press time. In one week, the price of VET rose from $0.0024 to $0.0031. As of when this content was published, VET held a market capitalization of $170 million. The coin’s 24-hour trade volume reached $83 million.

One week ago, recall that Binance.US revealed that it will be listing Tezos for trading on its platform. Since that time onwards, the digital asset has posted a firm increase in price. In sync with the rest of the altcoins, Tezos price has increased by over 30% in the past week. The price of Tezos the number 10 largest crypto by market cap increased from $1.3 to $1.7.

The Price of Monero Increased From $34 to $53 in the Past Week

Another altcoin that has managed to surge in price in the last seven days and one of the biggest winners of the bull run is Monero. The crypto has cemented its position as a top privacy-focused digital asset. Monero has continued to maintain its impressive run. It has registered over a 50% increase in value.

In the last 7 days, the price of Monero moved from $34 to $53. At press time, Monero was trading at around $50. At press time, Monero held a market capitalization of $873 million. It has witnessed an impressive 8.57% increase in price in the last 24-hours of trade. The coin also has a trade volume of $167 million.

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