Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for March 29

  • Hedera Hashgraph unfazed by recent BTC crash
  • Steem price increased by 253% between Feb. 18 and 19
  • Litecoin surged by 2% with a market cap of $2.48 billion

Cryptocurrency News Today – the recent action of the cryptocurrency market has been highly volatile. Things haven’t been the same since the coronavirus pandemic started making headlines. The digital currency ecosystem is similar to the traditional financial markets in many ways. The only difference between both offerings is that the issue of regulation. Without regulation, the crypto space has many bad actors who can maneuver things to their favor.

While this has been the case, we have compiled the action of three different tokens for this weekend’s highlights. They include Hedera Hashgraph, Steem, and Litecoin. Hedera Hashgraph hasn’t been affected by Bitcoin’s crash. While, whether intentional or not, the Steem community has witnessed controversy recently, involving Tron’s Justin Sun but this hasn’t affected its price. Meanwhile, Litecoin has managed a minor surge in the last 24-hours. Let us see how these coins got to these positions below.

Hedera Hashgraph Wasn’t Affected by Bitcoin’s Crash

Even though the bulk of the digital assets in the market move in correlation with the price of BTC, there are a few that weren’t affected by BTC’s price crash. This coin is Hedera Hashgraph. Unlike most altcoins in the market, Hedera Hashgraph does not seem affected by the most recent crash that Bitcoin experienced. ‘With one HBAR token now worth $0.031, the coin has done well for itself. It is now the number 42 largest digital currency by market cap with an overall market cap of $117 million. HBAR’s on-balance volume stands at $1.5 billion. It has remained at this position since the middle of February 2020. The 50-day and 100-day MA has been able to contain the price of HBAR for now.

Steem’s Controversy Didn’t Affect its Price, LTC Gained 2% on the day

Steem price also surged by 253% between the period of February 18 and 19. Although it eventually lost 90% of this price surge, Steem’s action offered people an opportunity to make a profit, for the short term at least. At $0.14 for one Steem, it holds the number 60 position by market cap which stands at $65 million. RSI indicates that there will be a bounce from the coin’s oversold area into the normal region.

The price of Litecoin, at press time, stood at $38 with an overall market capitalization of $2.48 billion. Litecoin is reportedly witnessing a slow bullish wave. Looking at the daily chart, we can expect more of this to come. RSI for LTC/USD indicates a surge with a bigger degree of the slope when compared to the coin’s price which indicates a short term bullish action for the token.

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