Bitcoin News Today – Headlines for March 30

  • Bitcoin recovers slightly after falling below a major psychological mark
  • The indicator of Filb Filb advises BTC traders to be short
  • Roger Ver faces backlash after posting an insensitive tweet about the coronavirus

Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin (BTC) has not been at its best over the past few days. The digital currency recently plunged below the $6k support mark a few hours ago. This is the first time in a week the digital currency is falling below this major psychological level.

Bitcoin seems poised to close its current weekly and daily candles under this level. Many crypto traders and analysts are also expecting the digital currency to plunge lower in the coming days.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Filb Filb’s Indicator Advises Traders to Be Short

The digital currency trader that accurately predicted the price action of Bitcoin in Q4 2019 and January this year – Filb Filb – recently shared a chart at the price of BTC plunged below the $6k mark. There are several BTC charts on the chart, from short to long time frames.

The advice from his indicator is that he should stay “short” across 7 out of 8 time frames, suggesting that the digital currency market could still plunge lower. The indicator also advised traders to be short into March 12th’s brutal drawdown, during which the price of BTC plunged to as low as $3,800 from $7,700.

Also, a pseudonymous crypto analyst who predicted much of the recent downtrends – DonAlt – recently said that the price action feels “familiar.” He shared his view with reference to his sentiment that the present price action is emulating the price action seen before the capitulation even on March 12.

Roger Ver Faces Severe Backlash for Not Showing Concern about Coronavirus

Roger Ver is currently facing severe backlash after posting an insensitive tweet about the COVID-19 pandemic. Roger Ver is the known as the loudest voice behind BCH, and he thinks that you should isolate yourself if you are worried about the deadly virus, since the mortality rate is less than seasonal flu since the beginning of this year.

Some members of the digital currency community spoke plainly in the Twitter threads with several ad hominem attacks directed at him. Some level-headed replies also urged the digital currency millionaire to understand that the number of cases is increasing exponentially. Anthony Fauci – a top infectious disease expert – said that the coronavirus could kill up to 200,000 people in the United States.

However, it seems that Ver is not the only crypto buff trying to dismiss the danger posed by the COVID-19 crisis. After abandoning BTC, John McAfee – crypto baron – constantly riles up crypto Twitter by aiming the doomsayers of the pandemic. In a tweet, he said that people being manipulated by the hysteria.

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