Cardano News Today – Cardano Community Drags The Cardano Development Foundation After Discovering Staking Cartel In Shelley Testnet – March 31st, 2020

  • Cardano Community Outraged by Staking Cartel In The Cardano Testnet
  • Analyst Predicts That Cardano Has What It Takes To Overtake Bitcoin And Ethereum 

Cardano News Today – Last year, in preparation to launch Cardano Shelley on the mainnet, the development team launched the Shelley testnet. Since then, they have been working their way to uploading Cardano Shelley on the mainnet. Now, the entire Cardano community is outraged because they noticed that a significant number of the Cardano staking pools are forming alliances on the testnet. According to the community, such alliances only work to promote centralization on a network that is meant to be working its way to 100% decentralization.

Cardano News Now – Cardano Staking Cartels Trigger Outrage In the Community

Cardano pool operators create blocks for the network. Now, over 30 pools have decided to combine their efforts in a bid to produce more blocks while minimizing energy. This group of miners are calling themselves the Inter Stake Pool Peering Agreement (ISPPA). While this move will make the production of blocks more efficient in the Cardano blockchain, there is still the risk of centralization. If these pools get more than 51% of the total mining power on the blockchain, they are going to have the power to initiate changes without consensus from the rest of the community. However, the group claims that its aim is not centralization. In a Reddit post one of the members of the group said;

“The main intention of this agreement is to test for and try to achieve an even better networking infrastructure and propagation of blocks than with each pool operator running on his own during the ITN.”

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The Cardano community isn’t happy with the alliance. They have spent the last few days criticizing the group on various social channels. They argue that all the pools in this group are large pools that produce up to 12% to 13% of the total blocks on the network. The group insists that it doesn’t have any intention of adding new members.

Cardano Future Prediction – Analyst Claims That Cardano Has What It Takes To Overtake Bitcoin and Ethereum

Cardano is a third-generation blockchain that has what it takes to make significant progress in the industry. Even if it isn’t among the top three cryptocurrencies in the world, some believe that Cardano has what it takes to become as relevant or more relevant than Bitcoin and Ethereum. The blockchain can do everything Ethereum can do and more.

The Cardano blockchain has a two-layer system that promotes flexibility while making adjustments on the blockchain. It’s difficult to determine what the future will bring. However, there is no doubt that the Cardano blockchain has limitless potential and strong backing from the Cardano Foundation, IOHK, Emurgo, and the strong Cardano community.

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