Litecoin News Today – Litecoin LTC’s Price Has Entered Positive Bullish Territory Along With Other Altcoins – April 3rd, 2020 

  • Litecoin LTC price has entered positive territory
  • The price of Litecoin LTC is up by 3.55% over the last 24-hours
  • Litecoin LTC is seeing a smaller share of holders taking profit

Litecoin news today – The price of Litecoin has been moving up and down in recent days as volatility hits the cryptocurrency markets’ top digital assets. This time around the price of the digital token has entered the positive region having posted gains on the day. Litecoin LTC coin gained 3.55% in the past 24-hours of trading. This rise comes at a time when the creator of the Litecoin protocol Charlie Lee has recently announced that the network’s next agenda would be focusing on privacy and more updates. Let us see how Litecoin moved in the last 24-hours of trade.

Litecoin LTC Price Analysis – Litecoin LTC Price is up By 3.55% Over the last 24-hours

The price of the digital asset is now trading in positive territory. The coin is up by 3.55% over the last 24-hours. The LTC/USD trading pair is presently edging towards a fresh day trading in the green zone. This move would mark the fourth in as many sessions. The price of the coin continues to remain limited to the upward side only stopped by the barrier at $40. The coin’s price action continues to stay in the confinements of a bearish pennant pattern via the daily chart. On the hourly chart of the pair, the price of LTC was seen shooting a higher late 48-hours ago after it broke out from the last descending channel pattern. Now, the price action for LTC is further extending to the north side after the pennant breakout.

Litecoin Price Prediction – Litecoin Price Must Break Down To Avoid A Steep Fall

As stated above, the Litecoin price is already trading in the positive area since Thursday’s session. Now, experts believe that the coin must break down if it is to avoid undergoing a steep fall. If this Litecoin price prediction plays out, then LTC can be one of the go-to digital assets in the coming weeks. What about the issue of holders taking off profit?

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD


A recent study of the top digital assets including Litecoin shows that Litecoin is seeing currently seeing a smaller share of holders taking profits. Per the report, there only 13% of these holders taking any profits. Additionally, Litecoin also has a relatively high level of large holders. The study shows that almost half of the entire network of LTC holders are defined as whales. The price of LTC is currently changing hands at $40. Despite posting 3.55% gains in the last 24-hours, the coin is still down by 36% over the last month. It is down by 52% in the last 12 months from its ATH.


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