Stellar Lumens News Today – Headlines for April 3

  • Nodle outgrows the Stellar protocol
  • The platform has started migrating to it’s Blockchain
  • Nodle is an excellent alternative to IOTA

Stellar Lumens News Today – The Nodle Network, a genuine IOTA competitor, is currently in the process of leaving from the Stellar network to its establish its own Blockchain. The move became a reality after the network released the Arcadia testnet. The network which has been operating on the Stellar protocol will now work on its Blockchain.

Nodle Has Started Migrating to it’s Blockchain

Nodle is a decentralized Blockchain provider that specializes in connecting and detecting the IoT (internet of things). The network currently connects more than five million active nodes on nearly 92 million detected devices.

Even though the Stellar can handle Nodle’s outrageous traffic of 1.3 million transactions per day to date, the project believes that it needs to launch its Blockchain network to accommodate some of it’s upcoming advanced features that are envisioned in its whitepaper. The architect of the Nodle Blockchain, Eliott Teissonniere, agrees that interoperability is the essential ingredient if the network desires a successful future for its Arcadia Blockchain.

The Arcadia Blockchain is built on Parity’s Substrate framework. It employs a modular design to become Polkadot’s parachain. Note that Parachains are unique Blockchains that comprise of the Polkadot network.

Nodle Network is a Bet on the Future

Per the report, Nodle’s participants will earn Nodle Cash. Although, the crypto is not yet listed on exchanges. It doesn’t have monetary value at press time. Teissonniere told said:

“Nodle is a bet on the future. They are going to use it in a short time to interact. So we will open a user interface. You will be able to use a different currency that you have earned to develop fine stones, to make playbooks and connect your devices.”

Nodle ceo and c-founder Micha Benoliel, said they want to “create enough demand and ensure that the ecosystem is sufficiently mature before listing it.

The Nodle founder also noted that the project has been able to gain a good “presence on 20 million smartphones per month” by providing app developers Nodle Cash as a form of compensation. Benoliel adds that the Nodle network is an excellent alternative to the IOTA network. He claims that his company’s strengths are the concrete usage and interoperability it offers.

Although, Teissonniere isn’t sure of the actual date for the launch of the mainnet, he expects the deployment of the protocol to be in approximately six months. While IOTA is still recovering from a recent major hack, Nodle now has an opportunity to provide a good chunk of the IoT market in the Blockchain sector.

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