Ripple News Today – Anchorage Custody Now Supports Ripple XRP Tokens As Ripple Gets Slammed With Fresh Lawsuit – April 5th, 2020 

Ripple XRP Price Prediction
  • Ripple XRP Added to the List of Tokens to be Supported by Anchorage Custody.
  • Ripple Gets Slammed With Another Action Class Lawsuit. 

Ripple News Today – Anchorage, one of the top custodians for digital assets has announced that it now provides support for Ripple XRP, Ripple’s flagship product. This is good news for Ripple because Anchorage only offers custody services for tokens that have a lot of institutional interest. Apart from providing custodian support for XRP, Anchorage will also provide XRP payments channels to interested clients.

Ripple News Today – Anchorage’s Support For XRP Comes With Help From Ripple’s Xpring

After announcing the support for XRP, Anchorage stated that it received help from Xpring. Part of the post was as follows;

“We used the rippled (sic) open-source server, the node implementation that powers the XRP Ledger maintained by Xpring. We also used extensively for its clear and helpful documentation of the XRP Ledger.”

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Ripple has been focused on getting major financial institutions to use its products. So far, it is among the blockchain firms that have sparked and maintained institutional interest over the last few years. The XRP token and other products by Ripple are being used by financial institutions across the globe. However, the company is also one of the most criticized in the blockchain space.

Ripple News Now – Ripple Gets Another Action Class Lawsuit

A few days ago, some XRP investors came together to refile a class action lawsuit against Ripple. Keep in mind that investors have been trying to sue Ripple for the past two years. Initially, they filed the lawsuit against Ripple with XRP as a security. Since the SEC didn’t declare XRP a security, the investors decided to amend their lawsuit just in case it never happens. The company is being accused of unfair marketing and false advertising among other things.

XRP Price Prediction 2020 – Ripple XRP Price Prediction 2020 

The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit is Bradley Sostack. He and all the other investors claim that the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse should pay for violating business laws in California. According to them, Ripple didn’t clearly state the difference between XRP and its enterprise solutions because it wanted to drive market demand. This is different from the original lawsuit that claimed that Ripple raised millions by selling XRP as an unregistered security.

While the lawsuit is against Ripple as a company, its CEO, Brad Garlinghouse is taking most of the heat. He is being accused of making conflicting claims to XRP investors. Selling millions of his XRP tokens in 2017 while claiming that he was holding his tokens for long-term gains doesn’t make his case easy to plead.


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