Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for April 5

  • YouTuber banned for life by Western Union to use Bitcoin
  • Ben Taylor, the user, claims there was no clear explanation given for the ban
  • The user used Western Union to conduct transactions to Liberia

Cryptocurrency News Today – a business owner has called out global money transfer giant Western Union for banning him without reason. The user posted a YouTube video that explained his current predicament.

In the video, he asserts that Western Union banned him for life due to his dealings in central Africa. However, after calling out Western Union he changes sides to Bitcoin with the remark “Bitcoin fixes this.” It appears he has turned to digital assets for an answer.

No Explanation for the Ban

In his YouTube video, Ben Taylor, who goes by the moniker Pleasant Green, talked about the establishment of a photography startup in Africa that included some charity work. The YouTuber asserts that for three years he made use of Western Union to transact to Liberia without any incident. However, after he attempted to send funds elsewhere in Africa, the global money transfer giant blocked his transfer before informing him of the ban.

Taylor added that he did his best to prove to Western Union that he wasn’t a scammer, and had no dealings with scammers all to no avail. Despite his efforts, Taylor claims the life ban stood and that he wasn’t given any clear reason regarding why he was no longer allowed to use Western Union’s services.

In a second video posted just two weeks ago, Taylor talked about the beginning of the issue. He mentioned that he attempted to funds to an African woman who in a bid to raise money for a surgery published. In the video, Taylor plays a transcript of his failed attempts to get any tangible reasons regarding why his transfer was blocked by Western Union. The YouTuber also outlined a second frustrating encounter he had with another money processing giant, MoneyGram.

Is Bitcoin the Answer?

Complex business practices and high fees have since been the hallmark of top money transfer services. People from underdeveloped countries are burdened by these issues because they almost frequently depend on these firms for financial services. For this reason, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have grown rapidly in such regions.

Blockchain framework allows Bitcoin to be sent with quick speed and with no byzantine processes needed. Bitcoin’s decentralized architecture ensures that the network is open for everyone to use. All transactions on the network can’t be blocked or reversed. Bitcoin can be transferred for a tiny fraction (low transfer fees) compared to the cost of using traditional methods. Considering these advantages, it is just a matter of time before Bitcoin attain massive usage for such services.

Princess Ogono is a writer, lawyer and fitness enthusiast. She believes cryptocurrencies are the future. When she's not writing, she spends time with her adorable cat, Ginger and works out often.


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