Bitcoin SV News Today – Headlines for April 8

  • Twetch launches feature to streamline P2P payments
  • The network’s users can now send BSV to each other
  • Twetch offers users full control of their data and content

Bitcoin SV News Today – Bitcoin SV powered Twetch (the Blockchain-based social media platform) has launched a new feature to help streamline peer-to-peer (P2P) payments for its users. Twetch is a social media platform like Twitter where users have to make micro-payments if they want to post or engage with content.

All content creators on the platform directly receive payments for their activity via a revenue-sharing system according to the number of likes and shares they accumulate. The platform is currently run in private beta. Let us learn more about this new feature introduced by the Bitcoin SV based social media platform.

About the Command-line Style Payments Feature

As stated above, Twetch has reportedly launched a solution that gives its users the ability to transact with BSV. Users will now be able to transfer BSV to each other by typing in this command-line: ‘/pay’, a user’s tag plus the dollar value of the transfer. After typing this into the App, then the transaction will be completed.

Note that, all Twetch payments are on-chain. Meaning that they allow users to conduct publicly validated transfers. Tagging users on the platform will also pay them $0.001 in digital currency. Along with this new payment feature, Twetch has also implemented the ‘read API’ to its social platform’s SDK (software development kit) on GitHub. The functionality lets developers create customized Twetch clients that have the capacity to filter content based on a specific topic. The social media platform has also launched an ‘advanced search’ system. But all users must pay the sum of $1 to unlock this feature.

Twetch’s Data is Reportedly Written to Suit Bitcoin SV

According to reports, Twetch claims that it offers its users complete control of their data and content. The firm does this on their platform by putting it down on the Bitcoin SV network. According to Josh Petty, Twetch’s CEO, and founder:

The platform is an interface used to publish and view data on Bitcoin [SV].”

Petty also claims that the platform is created to help fight the spread of fake news by disincentivizing the proliferation of bots. It is essential to note that posting to the Bitcoin SV Blockchain network costs around $0.02. The platform seems to be one step along the pathway to what nChain’s Chief Scientist Crag Wright has envisioned for the Metanet. Metanet is a Blockchain-backed model of the Internet. It is a platform where every single activity is recorded on-chain.

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