Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for April 9

  • Forbes adds four new crypto entrepreneurs to its 2020 billionaires list
  • The four billionaires are worth a combined $8.7 billion
  • The founders of Bitmain make up two of four people added by Forbes

Cryptocurrency News TodayToday, there are four new crypto-based entrepreneurs on Forbes World’s billionaire’s list for the year. These individuals are worth a combined $8.7 billion. In the last decade, both Bitcoin and Ethereum along with other cryptos have raised much attention. While some are afraid of digital assets, others have invested their knowledge and lives into improving the technology. They have worked hard to create an ecosystem for the Blockchain and crypto industry.

Per the report, Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO, of online retail firm Amazon leads the way once again. Bezos has been open to the idea of investing in BTC and allowing payments in digital assets on his online retail platform.

Crypto Billionaires on Forbes List For the Year

The founders of Bitmain, Micree Zhang and Jihan Wu have entered the list. Bitmain is the world’s biggest designer of ASIC chips. ASIC chips are used for Bitcoin mining. Zhang and Wu made their way into the billionaire’s charts for 2020 and both occupy the number 616 and 1196 positions respectively.

Zhang is reportedly worth an estimated $3.3 billion and Wu is worth $1.8 billion, according to Forbes. Before becoming a crypto billionaire, Wu was a financial analyst and admin of private equity funds. His compatriot Zhang ran a startup that let users send Tv signals to computer screens with a decoder.

Ripple’s Executive Chairman and Coinbase Co-founder also Makes the List

Next on Forbes list of Billionaires for 2020 is Chris Larsen. Larsen is the executive chairman of Ripple, and also the co-founder of several Silicon Valley tech firms. Ripple Labs, Inc. is arguably his most successful endeavor of all. Larsen is currently worth $2.6 billion which makes him the 804th richest person of 2020.

Meanwhile, Brian Armstrong the co-founder of Coinbase is now ranked the number 1990 richest person of 2020 on Forbes list thanks to his investments in digital assets. In 2018 Forbes made a list of the world’s richest people in the cryptocurrency space featuring several similar names on its 2020 list. The outlet also pointed out that the recent crisis has affected several startups and major businesses globally.

This year, the coronavirus outbreak has hard hit the world’s economies. This is an outbreak that no one could have managed to predict. It has since triggered an unprecedented economic crisis. But with a possible recession on the cards, digital assets have proven that they are still operating in a profitable industry. This is something that Forbes has made clear.

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