Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for April 14

  • EOS is now topping the CCID crypto rankings
  • Bitcoin drops three places on CCID crypto rankings
  • Tron and Ethereum retain top spots on CCID crypto rankings

Cryptocurrency News Today – the recent CCID crypto rankings has EOS at the top spot with digital currency offerings Tron, and Ethereum retaining their top positions. In the latest crypto rankings issued by CCID (China’s Center for Information and Industry Development), Bitcoin declined by three positions.

The list was published last Friday. The CCID noted that this outcome was impacted by the current global situation triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.  Per the report, this was the number 17 edition of the index. The CCID rankings rate the most widely used Blockchains based on three categories including:

  • Basic technology
  • Applicability
  • Creativity

The overall rating is reportedly determined based on the sum of scores in each criterion.

CCID Rankings: The Update of Selected Public Blockchains Has Dropped

According to the CCID, from February to March of this year, the update of selected public Blockchain protocols has declined due to the panic caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The CCID also noted that the overall index hasn’t changed very much. The rankings placed EOS at the top of the list once again. EOS tops based on a Blockchains’ technical realization level. EOS scored as high as 105.6 points.

The Protocol is followed by Tron and Ethereum. Bitcoin is now ranked number 14 by the CCID after dropping three positions. Bitcoin Cash, which recently went through a halving event days ago, moved from number 34 to number 31. Despite topping the index overall, EOS did poorly in terms applicability, left behind by Tron and Ethereum.

Even though the overall technology index dropped since the last edition, the rankings indicated that scores of BitShares, Quantum Chain, Application Chain, and Dacoin increased by a mile in the period mentioned above.

Bitcoin Wins in Terms of Innovation

For applicability, Ethereum was number one followed by Tron and Nebulas, then Xiaoyi, and Dash. IOST and BitShares posted the most significant increase taking the number 8 and 13 positions, respectively. For creativity, Bitcoin is number one with a 42.4 score which is remarkably higher than other projects. Meanwhile, EOS and Ethereum trailed BTC after scoring 29.1 and 29, respectively.

Others like Lisk, Sia, Dash, Litecoin, and Monero, scored over 20 points each. Hcash was tagged as the worst performer after scoring just 1.2 points. The entire analysis and research help users to better understand the current state of cryptocurrencies in general. The CCID said:

“The result of our recent assessment will let the CCID provide improved technical consultation for government agencies, research institutes, business enterprises, and technology developers.”

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