Ripple News Today – Ripple’s Tech Helps MoneyMatch, Malaysian Remittance Firm, Boosts Speed And Saves Cost 

Ripple gets the first bank from Oman on its RippleNet platform
  • MoneyMatch Says Using Ripple’s Technology Has Helped it Save Money and Speed Up Transactions
  • Ripple CTO Doesn’t Think The Upcoming Bitcoin Halving Will Reduce The Price Of The Token 

Ripple News Today – MoneyMatch is a remittance company that has been in operations since 2015. Just like many other fintech companies using Ripple’s technology for a while, MoneyMatch has reported several benefits of Ripple. Yesterday, the Malaysian-based firm which offers remittance in more than 120 countries, said that Ripple has helped it to cut costs and process faster transactions. According to the company, Ripple’s xVia makes it easier for them to process remittance across emerging markets. MoneyMatch was one of the first fintech firms to use xVia after it was released.

Ripple News Today – MoneyMatch Boosts Of The Benefits Of Using Ripple’s xVia

Toward the end of 2018, MoneyMatch conducted its first-ever international transaction through the Ripple blockchain after integrating xVia. Thanks to xVia, MoneyMatch has saved a lot of money in MYR to EUR transactions when compared to the telegraphic method they used in the past. The CEO of MoneyMatch, Adrian Yap, during a recent interview, talked about the benefits of their partnership with Ripple.

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During the interview, Yap said that they decided to partner with Ripple because banks were more focused on working with customers that needed high volume transactions. They wanted to give people who made small volume transactions an opportunity to send money at an affordable rate and a faster pace. Regarding the progress of the partnership so far, Yup said;

“After joining RippleNet, we were suddenly a credible partner for all these financial institutions and payment providers around the world. A RippleNet introduction is more like a hug than a handshake. Working with RippleNet partners allowed us to cut our costs by as much as 40% and instead of transactions taking at least two days, we were completing payments in just a few hours.”

Ripple News Now – Ripple CTO Doesn’t Think The Upcoming Bitcoin Halving Will Reduce The Price Of BTC

The entire cryptocurrency community has been talking about the upcoming Bitcoin Halving which is scheduled to take place this year. Several well-known proponents in the cryptocurrency space have said that the upcoming halving event is going to lead to a parabolic bull run of the price of the token. Some others, including Peter Schiff, said that the price of the BTC token will fall after the Bitcoin Halving.

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In opposition to the tweet by Peter Schiff, the CTO of Ripple, David Schwartz, said that Schiff’s logic is flawed because a bull run is more plausible than a bear market. According to him, the intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies is imported. So, Peter’s theory is illogical. The Bitcoin BTC halving is less than a month away. So, everyone will know whose opinion is correct by then.


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