Tron News Today – Headlines for April 16

  • Tron holders to get 10% of JUST’s total supply
  • The JUST foundation will initiate airdrops through the next 30 months
  • Only Tron holders with a balance of or above 100 TRX will receive JST Tokens

Tron News Today – Tron holders are set to enjoy another special treat thanks to the JUST Foundation. The JUST Foundation has announced that it will hold a massive airdrop of JUST tokens to TRX holders through the next 30 months.

All TRX holders will reportedly receive a total of 10% of JUST’s overall supply. There are conditions attached to the announcement according to Justin Sun the founder and the CEO of the Tron Foundation.

The JUST Foundation Will Airdrop Tokens to Tron Holders

The JUST Foundation will reportedly commence an airdrop of JST tokens the first of its kind to Tron holders. The scheme will begin on May 20. The JUST Foundation will airdrop a whopping 217,800,000 JST tokens. This sum is equivalent to 2.2% of JUST tokens overall supply. After the first airdrop, a second airdrop of 237,600,000 JST tokens follow over the next 12 months. The amount to be airdropped equates to about 2.4% JST overall supply.

In the next 12 months from June of next year, JUST will distribute another 257,400,000 JST to TRX holders, which is equivalent to 2.6% of its total supply. Then finally, the Foundation will airdrop 277,200,000 JST tokens from June 2022. This airdrop will amount to 2.8% of the overall JST supply. It will run through a five-month duration. The snapshot of each airdrop will be initiated on day 20 of each month.

Only Tron Holders With a Balance of or Above 100 TRX are Eligible to Receive JST Tokens

The JUST Foundation said only Tron holders with a balance of or above 100 TRX will be eligible to participate in the airdrop. Eligible holders will receive JUST tokens whether their 100 TRX tokens are frozen or not.

Due to how vast the tokens to be airdropped will be, it could take about 72 hours for TRX holders to receive their JST tokens. Recall from a previous report, that the Tron Foundation launched a DeFi ecosystem that is similar to the MakerDAO, ecosystem. This new solution was originally known as Djed until it’s name was changed to JUST. Djed will accommodate a USD-pegged stablecoin backed by the TRX token (USDJ).

Tron’s Justin Sun also announced on April 4 that his team had completed the testing phase of the new DeFi platform. He also added that his team had launched the mainnet already. Finally, the Tron chief said that the team had upgraded the original name from Djed to what it is called now, JUST (JST).

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