Tron News Today – Headlines for April 17

  • Tron chief accused of stealing IPFS’s code and logo
  • Sun denied these claims by the CEO of IPFS
  • Tron Founder accused IPFS CEO of defrauding investors

Tron News Today – Tron’s Justin Sun has been trailed by different controversies. This time around the creator of IPFS, Juan Benet, has accused Sun, of stealing his company’s code, brand, and logo. He also accused Sun of plagiarizing sections of IPFS’s whitepaper.

Benet cited an announcement by BitTorrent that talked about rebranding the logo. He also gave an update of BitTorrent’s file system. IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a protocol designed to facilitate the sharing and storage of files. The platform was created by Benet and Protocol Labs. IPFS was launched in February 2015 and operates on a decentralized model.

Sun Denied the Claims Made by the CEO of IPFS 

The IPFS chief said he was saddened by the part BitTorrent was on. He added that he originally admired BitTorrent before describing Sun’s action as pitiful for a big name. The IPFS chief called on the original BitTorrent developers still working there, to move to a “legitimate” peer-to-peer protocol before suggesting WebTorrent, IPFS, DAT, SSB, and Ethereum.

In response to Benets’ accusations, BitTorrent via its Twitter account announced that it would devote time to developing its technology instead of responding to IPFS’s unwarranted accusations. The firm also stated that it had paved the way for IPFS to emerge and that IPFS should show appreciation. Ethereum’sVitalik Buterin joined the discussion by Tweeting:

This tweet is painful to read.”

Later, Tron’s Justin Sun himself decided to respond to Benet. He said that IPFS doesn’t own a hexagonal geometrical shape. Sun also invited IPFS’s founder to come and “examine his ego” before highlighting that the company is alleged backward towards his protocol BitTorrent.

Sun Accused IPFS Chief of Defrauding His Investors

Sun retaliated by calling IPFS’s chief a fraud. In his words:

You are a vaporware scamming your investors with this concept for an extended period. Shame on you! You are the one who did copy and paste from BitTorrent‘s technology and we said nothing about it. Instead, we believe in unity than accusing each other. You stand on your moral high ground and accuse others who have worked hard and delivered. What have you done?”

Sun’s strike back sparked up another debate, within members of the digital currency community and reminded Sun of the past controversies surrounding his Tron project. One community member pointed to the JUST lending platform based on Tron’s technology. At its launch, there were allegations that the platform copied MakerDAO. MakerDAO is an Ethereum-based platform.

Recall that two years ago, the Tron chief was accused of plagiarizing IPFS and FileCoin’s whitepapers. At the time Benet cited Sun’s plagiarism.

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