Bitcoin Cash News Today – 5 Full Nodes Teams On The Bitcoin Cash Network Work With Noncustodial Flipstarter App To Raise Funds – April 19th, 2020

Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Cash Node Teams to Raise Funds With Flipstarter App
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH Price Still Struggling to Recover Following the Halving Event

Bitcoin Cash News Today – When Flipstarter created a noncustodial funding application, the entire cryptocurrency market was excited about the development. Recently, the platform announced that it currently has five live fundraising campaigns for Bitcoin Cash full node fundraisers. The five projects are Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Cash Node, BCHD, Knuth, and Bitcoin Verde. All these projects are currently raising funds on Flipstarter.

Bitcoin Cash News Today – Leveraging Flipstarter for Generating Funds for Bitcoin Cash BCH

Apart from being used for raising funds for Bitcoin node projects, the BCH-powered non-profit Eatbch, will raise funds for its food charity operations. Flipstarter uses Bitcoin Cash assurance contracts through Sighash. Members of the Bitcoin Cash community were behind this project. They put a lot of pressure on the development community to create multiple funding streams. Sighash is one of those streams and it is the by-product of Bitcoin Cash Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP).

Each page per project has a detailed description. Everything from the name to the project to the time it would take for the project to be completed as well as the goal amount for each project. There is an introduction for each project, accountability details, value proposition, technical accomplishments, and details about each developer involved in the project.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today – BCH / USD

Bitcoin Cash

The Lighthouse project concept on which Flipstarter is built was initially developed by Mike Hearn. Since he came up with the plan to raise blockchain funds through noncustodial contracts, members of the cryptocurrency community have been using this alternative fundraising method. The total amount of money these five projects are trying to get from Flipstarter is $726K. This is approximately 3,039 BCH at current prices.

Bitcoin Cash BCH Price Prediction and Analysis – Bitcoin Cash Continues To Struggle to gain Momentum After BCH Halving

In our last Bitcoin Cash News and price analysis, we talked about how the price of Bitcoin Cash BCH took a hit after the Bitcoin Cash halving. The BCH halving slashed the block reward by 50%. A few days after the halving, the token fell by more than 30%. At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin Cash BCH was $240.61. This shows that it is up by 1.94% against the USD and up by 87% against the price of BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $3,744,110,441 and the market capitalization is $4,423,494,646. It is now the 5th largest token per market capitalization as it has lost the 4th position which it held just before the halving.


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