Tezos News Today – Headlines for April 23

  • Tezos’ spot prices and on-chain metrics are bullish
  • XTZ’s technical indicators are up once again
  • Tezos to gain more value according to analysts

Tezos news today – a look at the market action for digital assets, we will see that the technical indicators for Tezos initially reset backward during the March 12 crash. However, these metrics are back up at press time. Tezos’ technical indicators against the price of Bitcoin are proof that the asset current in bullish range.

In the last few months, Tezos has been one of the best performing cryptos. The digital currency has had a substantial surge in recent times. Its closest challenger is Chain Link. The digital asset has balked on gravitational laws and experienced an upwards surge that is so robust that the bears have failed to intimidate or invalidate it. The catalyst behind this current price trend is the prevalent bullishness after the announcement about the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) sector. The bulk of XTZ peers started seeing upward movements after this report.

Analysts Expect Tezos Price to Post More Gains

The current state of the market has the price of XTZ changing hands at the $2.3525 area, which is a 7% increase from the daily lows it posted. The lows are at $2.09 over the last 24-hours. In the last few days, the price of Tezos has experienced substantial price fluctuations which have resulted in the creation of an extensive trading range between the $2.09 and $2.35 areas.

The XTZ/USD pair is now moving to retest the points highs it set days ago. If this attempt is successful, it could cause further momentum for the asset (that is if the Tezos price moves past this position). In addition to this, these price ranges can be seen in the highest prices that the digital currency has posted since its reset on March 12. If Tezos’ price breaks these levels, it could be an essential move looking at it from a technical viewpoint.

XTZ/BTC pair even more bullish

According to data by a simplified crypto trader on Twitter, the potency of Tezos’ upwards action is defying gravitational pull. The trade illustrated the robust energy via Tezos’ price chart indicating XTZ’s substantial retracement after its recent falling wedge breakout.

Tezos’ technical indicators also indicate that there would be a further upward movement. The coin’s spot price lies in its ATH price area with an unsettled bull T cross. There is a strong downside support at the VPVR and the psychological area of 20,000 SATs, as well as the 200-EMA at 23,000 SATs. In the coming days, a bullish reaction to the current price structure may push the spot price to reach new all-time highs.

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