Litecoin News Today – Luno Exchange Lists Litecoin for Trading – April 30th, 2020 

  • Litecoin LTC has been added to the Luno cryptocurrency exchange
  • Luno users will be able to trade (buy and sell) LTC on the exchange from May 11
  • Luno has already listed BTC, ETH, BCH, and XRP before adding LTC

Litecoin news today – It will appear that Litecoin has landed another milestone. The digital asset has been listed by one of the top digital currency exchanges. This time reports have it that the crypto exchange know as Luno has announced that it has listed LTC for trading on its platform. Per the announcement, the new arrangement will commence on Luno from May 11. On said date, users will have the ability to buy and sell Litecoin on the platform. This announcement relating to Luno comes just after the digital currency exchange recently introduced XRP to it’s the platform.

Litecoin News Today – Luno Chief Says the Goal to Change How People Perceive Crypto

LTC, which is often called the silver to BTC’s gold, is a top ten digital asset. It has a market cap of $2.7 billion. The crypto was created in 2011, was originally developed to offer users a faster and less expensive alternative to Bitcoin, to offer a preferable option for daily digital currency commerce. According to Marcus Swanepoel the CEO and co-founder of Luno exchange:

“The coronavirus outbreak is creating challenges for people, and regions around the world. However, unlike pandemics and crisis from the past, we are more technologically connected than ever before. We can now work remotely, shop online, and attend virtual doctor appointments. This is changing the way individuals perceive cryptos. From large investment firms to people, everyone is reassessing the way they work and where they work. People are looking at how they invest and what they invest in. People also want to know what they purchase. They want to have access to tokens like LTC.”

LTC News Today – Luno Claims That it Only Lists Safe Digital Assets

Although Litecoin and Bitcoin share similarities, they are different. LTC produces new blocks four times more. Unlike BTC, which will have only 21 million coins, LTC will have four times as many tokens. This means that it is proportionately cheaper than BTC. LTC’s hashing algorithm is memory-based making it easier to mine. According to Swanepoel:

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD


“Luno only lists digital currencies that are safe, and secure. Tokens that have the utility that it’s clients want, that is why we opted to list Litecoin. LTC’s instant and near-zero cost transactions are features that we have contributed to increased interest in the coin.”

To date, Luno has handled $8 billion in transactions. It offers investors, traders, and businesses a way to buy, store, and understand digital currencies securely and safely. Luno users can trade BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, and XRP.


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