Cardano News Today – Cardano Crosses Another Development Milestone As the Move To Decentralization Continues – May 12th, 2020

  • Cardano Development Team Announces Reaching New Development Milestone
  • Reaching the Cardano Shelley Era Looks Possible in 2020 as the Development Team Continues to Cross Milestone 

Cardano News Today – Many blockchain projects have been forced to pause the development of their projects because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Cardano has been working hard to meet its developmental milestones irrespective of the lockdown. Within the last two months, the Cardano development foundation has announced several updates ahead of the Shelley mainnet launch. It’s not a surprise that the founder of the blockchain, Charles Hoskinson, is overconfident that the migration to Cardano Shelley will be successful. He has vowed to relinquish his position as a Cardano executive if the update is unsuccessful.

Cardano News Today – Cardano Shelley Mainnet Launch Is Coming Soon

A few weeks ago, Hoskinson said that the Family and Friends phrase of the upgrade will kick off on the 11th of May which was yesterday. Yesterday, the testing of the Family and Friends update started. The Cardano Shelley update marks an era of development and growth on the network. With the latest phase, Cardano will move from a partially centralized network to a fully decentralized network. All the nodes on the blockchain will be distributed to every member of the community instead of just a few people. It would be based on the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Note that Ethereum has been struggling to migrate to the PoS network for years and it seems like Cardano is going to beat Ethereum to it.

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All the progress on the new open-source code would be tracked through Github. All the files will be saved in repositories on Github. This includes information about all the changes that are made on the Cardano blockchain including when, where, and who made the changes. Individual developers will be able to make contributions without asking for permission from primary developers. As long as every member of the community agrees to the changes, they will be implemented on the blockchain. So many things have been updated on Cardano Node 1.11.0. Apart from the nodes that were improved on the network, the blockchain now has full Windows support, and coin selection improvements.

To promote the development of the Cardano blockchain and make the blockchain a global constant, IOHK has entered many partnerships and contributions. A few months ago, IOHK gave the University of Wyoming $500,000. The money will be devoted to their Cardano development research lab. They probably chose the University of Wyoming because IOHK moved its base from Hong Kong to Wyoming.

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