Cardano News Today – Cardano Introduces Its Ambassadors On Twitter As ADA Gains Stability Above $0.050 level – May 16th, 2020

  • Cardano Ambassadors Are Promoting Positive Growth in the Community Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Cardano ADA Gains Stability at the $0.050 Level 

Cardano News Today – The either world has been struggling to survive since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Hundreds of thousands of people have tested positive and died due to the various. More than ever, the world needs to work together if it is going to overcome this challenge in one piece. According to an official from WHO, the Cardano community is contributing positively to the fight against this virus. They are doing what they can through a series of threads posted by the Cardano Foundation on Twitter.

Cardano News Today – Cardano Ambassadors Promote Positivity in the Fight Against the Coronavirus.

Many of the Cardano Ambassadors have been using media to foster growth and development in the Cardano community. Amid the pandemic, they have expanded their horizon and are now focusing on more than the development of the Cardano blockchain. Every post that is made by these Cardano Ambassadors is checked by moderators before being posted through the official handle. This way, only verified and I building content goes live. They have made several efforts to ensure that the community doesn’t lose its spirit to the pandemic.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Recently, an official from WHO said that it may be difficult for the world to get rid of the Coronavirus pandemic even if a vaccine is distributed to every part of the world. The quick and rapid end everyone is expecting is impossible considering the rate at which the virus is spreading. The official said that we might just have to find a way to live with the virus the same way we live with the common cold. In response, the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson said that mankind has lived through worse viruses over the years. In his words; “We get a double flu season with two flavors. Mankind has lived through significantly worse diseases.”

Cardano Price Analysis – Cardano Gains Relative Stability Above $0.050

The Cardano ADA token has gained by more than 15% over the last 5 days. Despite the bearish wave that took the price back to $0.048 a few days ago, the token has recovered above the $0.0500 where it now holds strong support. The token is no longer as volatile as it was when it fell and there is a strong chance that the bulls will take control of the market soon. At the time of writing, the price of the Cardano ADA token was $0.050682. It is up by 0.45% against the USD and up by 1.64% against the price of Bitcoin BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $137,670,426 and the market capitalization is $1,314,035,645.


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