Stellar Lumens News Today – Headlines for May 16

  • Stellar Lumens mainnet processed 1 billion operations since inception
  • The SDF is organizing a webinar to facilitate understanding of the partnership between itself and Elliptic
  • The speakers will highlight steps taken to manage risks

Stellar Lumens News Today – via a tweet, the Stellar Development Foundation announced that it is organizing a webinar on May 27, 2020. This webinar is aimed at facilitating a clear understanding of the partnership between the SDF and Elliptic.

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Stellar considers such regulatory compliance necessary and this is why it partnered with Elliptic to launch the first Stellar Network Monitoring System in the world. In the tweet, the network urged all interested persons who wanted to learn more about the Stellar Network and compliance to join leaders from both teams.

Stellar Based Businesses to Get Resources from Elliptic

Crypto exchanges, government agencies, and major financial institutions rely on transaction screening capabilities. This is used to investigate crypto enabled financial crime and ensure legit and authentic transactions. All Stellar based businesses will benefit from this partnership as they will get tools and resources to work with.

Candace Kelly, the SDF General Counsel is slated to talk in the webinar about how the SDF is working to manage the risks that come with the business and how to operate with accountability and transparency.

Also, Elliptic product owner, Tara Annison is set to speak about the services involved in Stellar support as well as methods it will offer to build businesses that are Stellar based. It is an open session so attendees will be allowed to participate. There will be a special question and answer session to give attendees a chance to learn.

Popular crypto expert, Sydney Ifergan tweeted that the partnership between Stellar Network and Elliptic will benefit businesses transacting in XLM due to this efficient monitoring system.

Stellar Lumens Mainnet Processed One Billion Operations

The Stellar network recently marked another milestone as it processed 1 billion operations since inception. This news was broken by Orbit Lens in a tweet which reads

Stellar mainnet processed 1 billion operations (1,015,345,121 at the time of writing) since its launch in Sep 2015.

This Stellar community activist was worried that such a noteworthy event was unnoticed by the community. He believes that the community should celebrate it. Also, Stellar has not been phased by the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak as they continue to advertise vacant positions. The SDF is currently hiring senior engineers. Crypto enthusiasts believe that this partnership is what more networks need as it would democratize access to financial systems.

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