Zilliqa News Today – Headlines for May 19

  • Zilliqa’s price has risen after its activity increased online
  • The network’s strategy to pay its users to tweet about it has paid off
  • Zilliqa paid its Twitter users to tweet about it for 72 hours

Zilliqa News Today – last week, the enterprise-centric Blockchain platform, Zilliqa initiated a SocialPay campaign. The network put a reward of 500,000 ZIL (equivalent to $3,500 then) for every user who tweeted about the protocol. Now it appears that the strategy paid dividends. After the 72-hour campaign concluded last Thursday, the social media metrics platform LunarCRUSH reported that ZIL has topped its Top 5 AltRank chart.

The network attained this feat after an outstanding social media activity and an exceptional price-performance against Bitcoin. Zilliqa’s rising trading volume was also cited as a criterion. LunarCRUSH’s rankings also showed a rise of 25% in the price of ZIL against BTC. This placed ZIL ahead of the Matic Network, DigiByte, Nano, and Eletroneum.

Zilliqa Was Awarded Digital Currency of the Week by Flipside Crypto

According to data analytics firm Flipside Crypto at TheStreet, Zilliqa is its cryptocurrency of the week. Flip Side Crypto highlighted Zilliqa’s growth in FCAS (Fundamental Crypto Asset Score), user activity, market maturity, and developer behavior. According to Zilliqa, there were no less than 80,000 tweets about its protocol during the SocialPay campaign. The platform also adds that there was engagement from about 35 million Twitter users.

This week, Binance and Zilliqa took initial steps towards completing the anonymity protocol as the firms partnered with Incognito. Incognito is a privacy-centric platform. The platform now allows users to make private transactions using Zilliqa and BNB. This has been a good period for Zilliqa as the network has achieved remarkable growth in a short period.

Zilliqa Reached 4 Million Blockchain Transactions Last Week

In other reports, Zilliqa has now reached another milestone in the same week of the SocialPay campaign. The network has now registered over 4 million Blockchain transactions. This is counting from the date that it’s mainnet was launched (in January 2019) to last week. This milestone was attained in less than two months after the network hit the 3 million mark. Hence, we can agree that the Singapore-based Blockchain network didn’t just pop up out of nowhere to create buzz around its crypto.

Of course, the recent move by Zilliqa was a success, but the real question that comes to mind is whether this short-term rise triggered by the SocialPay campaign will result in sustainable, long-term growth for the digital asset. This remains to be seen as it is still too early to tell. However, Zilliqa and ZIL have no doubt become more relevant due to the SocialPay campaign.

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