VeChain News Today – Headlines for May 26

  • Virtual 3D game (Vulcanizer-3D) to be based on VeChainThor Blockchain
  • VeChain supports the fight against the coronavirus disease
  • VET price rose by 5.16% to $0.0049 in the past 24-hours

VeChain News Today – according to reports Vulcanizer-3D, a new virtual 3D game will be based on VeChainThor’s Blockchain. The network will offer a complex ecosystem for the game participants. In the game land can be acquired, developed, and sold or even cultivated. The game is set in a very large world.

VeChain’s Blockchain network is known to be versatile. This is because the application cases have been created in the automotive, logistics, food, beverage and pharmaceutical, and the gaming sectors. Now the makers of the new 3D game have recognized VeChainThor’s potential and will now rely on the Blockchain network to operate.

Vulcanizer-3D Will be Based on the VeChainThor Blockchain

Vulcan Verse is a decentralized virtual world that is powered by VTHO where players can own, sell, cultivate, and interact with one another through avatars. It is a joint product of Vulcan Co, Creatisoft Solutions, and Bencin Studios. The “3D construction machine” uses elements from Unity, Blender, Clara, and Babylon. It will be known as “Vulcanizer-3D”.

In the game there’ll be no limits to what landowners can build on their property. Different kinds of terrain, objects, shades, animations, and special effects have been made available in the game. The games’ users will be able to move with avatars that will put on different kinds of clothing. For clothing design, the team of Vulcan Verse will work together with Block Fashion. All land and items along with other tradable goods in the game will be made available in the Vulcan marketplace. The project is still in the development phase, but the first land, 1 km², will be sold from July.

VeChain Supports Fight Against the Coronavirus Pandemic

Several days ago the VeChain Foundation revealed that in collaboration with I-Dante an application has been developed. The app makes the administration of data from coronavirus RT-PCRs and rapid tests possible. VeChain offers an alternative to Apple and Google which protects user privacy and data. The solutions created by the tech giants have been criticized by data protectionists around the world.

In addition to this, VeChain has created a digital health passport for healthcare facilities in Cyprus. Health passports will store all important patient data which can be viewed whenever they wish. All the information collected belongs entirely to the patients. They can only be passed to third parties with explicit permission from the original owners (participants). These two innovations support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. VeChain’s price, rose by 5.16% to $0.0049 in the past 24-hours of trade.

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