Tron News Today – Headlines for May 27

  • Tron’s Justin Sun takes steps to report LinkedIn imposter
  • Users were asked to check the list for official accounts
  • Tron stressed that they would never request for anyone’s private keys

Tron News Today – Justin Sun of Tron has taken steps to tackle the issue of scams affecting his network. Reports of scams have risen in recent times. This time it’s about a fake LinkedIn profile posing as the Tron chief. Tronics were asked to check the to determine the official accounts affiliated with Sun and the Tron Foundation.

Tron also reminded users that it does not require user private keys or any funds to join the network. Sun warned users via Twitter to beware of scams pretending to be him.

LinkedIn Help Promised to Handle the Matter When They Responded to Sun’s Tweet

LinkedIn Help responded to Sun’s Tweet by thanking him for bringing the issue to their attention. They also promised to take care of the issue and that they have initiated procedures to tackle the issue of scam accounts. They also provided helpful information on steps to take to report fake LinkedIn profiles. Users who troll Sun saw this as an opportunity to poke fun. One of such users responded:

When a scammer notices another scammer; It becomes scammers scamming scammers. The original is worse than the fakes. A scammer is hating on a fellow scammer.”

Some users called it poetic justice. Others tweeted:

A scam on top of a scam.

Sydney Ifergan, a digital asset expert joined the debacle and tweeted:

Big gains that are too good to be true are not true. This is why it is very easy to identify malicious profiles. However, how Tron and Sun are getting worked up about scammers is making me think about how Scammers think they can scam Sun’s Followers who have already been on alert.”

Tron 4.0 Vs. Ethereum 2.0

Some users were surprised that scammers didn’t know that Sun doesn’t need user private keys when he can simply take their Tron and Steem tokens from their account without permission as he has already done in the recent fork.

In other reports relating to Tron and Justin Sun, the Tron Foundation initiated a recent poll. The purpose of the poll was to determine which of the two protocols was the better one. The poll was between the Tron 4.0 offering and the Ethereum 2.0 protocol. According to a counter-response for the poll, no one is taking this seriously again. We all know that Ethereum 2.0 is better than Tron 4.0. After tweeting about scammers, Sun continued his marketing gigs and other advertising attempts. For example, he asked if anyone needed new listing recommendations.

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