Stellar Lumens News Today – Headlines for May 28

  • Stellar’s guide to its Protocol 13 upgrade has been released
  • The Protocol 13 upgrade adds three new key features
  • Protocol 13 comes with two optimizations including CAP-28 and CAP-30

Stellar Lumens News Today – the Stellar Development Foundation has announced that the Stellar Lumens upgrade has been launched. This upgrade is a major one to the Stellar Core and will have cascading effects. It requires that the Stellar Ecosystem upgrades its software. Here is what Stellar tweeted:

The next upgrade to Stellar Core is on the way. We have written a guide to walk users through our upcoming upgrade called Protocol 13 and it’s changed. The guide explains why these changes matter.”

Three new features will come with Protocol 13 including fee bumps, the first-class asset multiplexed accounts, and fine-grained control of asset authorization.

Protocol 13 Upgrade Adds Three New Features

Fee bumps will help users cover for fees. It also increases fees for pre-signed transactions. It provides validators and offers the flexibility to increase rates. Protocol 13 offers a new flag that allows revoking authorization yet maintaining orders. This makes it much easier to tokenize regulated assets. Protocol 13 will introduce a new kind of account that allows addresses including a built-in 64-bit memo.

The new upgrade also includes two optimizations including CAP-28 and CAP-30. CAP-28 offers a small enhancement in convenience for users dealing with pre-auth signers. While CAP-30 stops checking for issuing accounts if an asset exists through the payment, and path payment, alongside placing or managing an offer. These changes have been merged and added to Stellar Core v13.0.0. According to the report, the testnet is already in motion on Protocol 13.

New Investors Feel They Need Something Extra to Ensure Their Wallets are Safe

Some new investors in the Steller network have expressed concerns over the safety of their wallets. They feel they something extra to keep their wallets safe. The Stellar network has continued its ambition of connecting banks, people, and payment systems.  Further, Stellar is integrating ways for people to move money quickly, and reliably at no cost. Meridian 2020 recently announced the winners of the Stellar Community Fund and a Stellar Data Analytics setting. Here is an interesting tweet after the announcement:

You might say if Bitcoin and XRP get married, Stellar will be their child. Stellar possesses the qualities of the two different digital currencies mentioned above.”

The SDF (Stellar Development Foundation) is owned by a non-profit entity and the XLM community. The SDF has no leaders. The founding members are not even regarded as owners. Stellar has had several successful collaborations with major players in the Tech and Finance industry.  The SDF’s main focus with its consensus algorithm is to stop the issue of double-spending by fraudulent actors.

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