Tron News Today – Headlines for May 30

  • Tron reaches a major milestone as its user addresses crosses 6 Million
  • There are 10,000 new user addresses created on Tron daily
  • Tron’s new dApps could have triggered the latest increase in addresses

Tron News Today – the founder and CEO of the Tron network, Justin Sun, has announced that Tron has reached another major milestone. Sun said Tron has reached 6 million registered user addresses on its network. The increase in the total number of registered user addresses comes after the network also posted an increase in its number of dApps.

Recall that Tron’s overall dApps reached 768 last week. Per the report, there are 10,000 new user addresses created on the network every day. Tron has seen a huge increase in its usage this year, despite having a declining market cap due to the bear market triggered by the coronavirus disease.

New Tron Dapps Are Likely Behind the Network’s Latest Address Rise

Today Sun announced that Tron has reached another major milestone. The network now has over 6 million registered addresses. Data from the Blockchain explorer Tronscan indicates that there is steady growth in the total number of newly registered addresses on the network during the last 14 days. The network is averaging 10,000 per day for dApps.

Data issued by a Blockchain analytics tracker indicates that there are 1.3 million transactions on Tron and the main chain as of May 28. This is a steep rise from the over 1 million transactions that were reportedly processed on Tron a day earlier (on May 27). There is a graph showing the total number of daily transactions on Tron in the last two weeks. The fact that Tron’s account growth is not mirrored in TRX’s price rise indicates that it may have been triggered by an increase in the number of dApps (decentralized applications) built on the network.

Tron’s dApp Activity Has Increased

According to the most recent dApp weekly report, Tron currently hosts 768 dApps on its network, with stable growth on the platform for games, and other services built on the network over the past seven days. The report added that from May 23 to 29, there were about 518,000 transactions on Tron dApps, with over $4.1 million traded.

The report also adds that the majority of dApps on Tron were gambling dApps and other high-risk dApps as well. Meanwhile, exchanges made up the least portion of dApps built on Tron’s network. Tron has reportedly been on an acquisition spree in recent months after acquiring Steemit, BitTorrent, and Poloniex exchange. Tron is currently looking to capture the stablecoin space by hosting Tether on its Blockchain. It will also launch its stablecoin soon. Tron’s stablecoin will be called USDJ.

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