Tron News Today – Headlines for June 9

  • Justin Sun says Tron will launch Tron 4.0 network upgrade in July
  • Tron will Celebrate its Independence Day on June 25
  • The upgrades will improve dApp development and security

Tron News Today – it will appear, the Tron Foundation is moving into a new phase in its development after announcing that it will launch another upgrade. The network through its founder Justin Sun announced the upcoming launch of its fourth network upgrade. This upgrade version will be named Tron 4.0.

Tron’s latest announcement comes just weeks before the date the project set to say goodbye to its current Odyssey consensus and implement the “Great Voyage.” The network also acknowledged that it will celebrate its “independence day” for the second time at the end of this month. The network’s independence day is scheduled for June 25. The date is a very important day in the history of the network and a day to remember for the Tron community.

Tron’s June 25 Independence Day Will Be Celebrated

The date June 25 is a critical date for all “TRONICS” (TRON aficionado) as they are called. Following many months of preparation, Tron finally launched its Mainnet on June 25 back in 2018. The network also finished migrating its user funds from Ethereum’s Blockchain to its network at the same time. That date June 25 became known as the “Tron Independence Day.”

The announcement by Sun claimed that the TRON Odyssey 2.0 protocol has already accumulated 2,153 commits, released 15 software iterations, merged 547 forks, and added 102 new features. After Odyssey 2.0 launch, the network went through several upgrades, including Odyssey 3.0 version upgrade (which is designed to position the Blockchain network as Ethereum’s direct competitor). The network also marked the official launch of TVM (TRON Virtual Machine). TVM provided the tools needed for developers to activate dApps and execute smart contracts on Tron.

Each Upgrade is Designed to Improve dApp Development and Enhance Security

The network claims that each upgrade was designed to improve the performance of key features like enhancing security and facilitating dApp developments. After the release of Odyssey 3.6 one year on, developers could make dApps on the TRON protocol and TVM. Although the Tron network has experienced numerous modest updates over the last two years, it is preparing to embrace its fourth upgrade in as many months known as TRON 4.0.

The upgrade is scheduled to go live on July 7. The Great Voyage era, will be regarded as a “pivotal moment” in Tron’s history with many improvements. Now with the launch of the Tron 4.0 upgrade, the company is planning to initiate a stunning transformation from a Blockchain-based to an “industry trendsetter. Time will tell what impact this July 7 upgrade will have on the network.

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