Stellar Lumens News Today – Headlines for June 11

  • Stellar activates deriving benefits in Lumens
  • The network published a reminder of the upcoming vote for an upgrade
  • Stellar Core will bring upgrades several times a year

Stellar Lumens news today – Stellar has posted a reminder for its followers that on June 18, 2020, the network would vote to upgrade the Stellar Core solution to Protocol 13. The network passed the message via the social media platform Twitter. Denelle Dixon, the CEO of the Stellar Network, made the tweet:

Not everyone must know how the Blockchain technology works, but they must be able to derive and enjoy the benefits it offers.”

In the past, she said:

When you provide women the opportunity to gain access to financial stability and opportunity, it will bring up the entire GDP and create an opportunity for everyone out there.”

Stellar Core will bring a major upgrade a few times a year, the report added.

Stellar Core Will Bring A Major Upgrade Several Times Yearly

Stellar Core will roll out a major upgrade a few times every year. Protocol 13 improvements are set to go live. In recent weeks, anyone who operates Stellar Core or Horizon uses a Stellar SDK, or Stellar custom integration must make sure their software supports Protocol 13 from now through June 18. On June 18, the public network validators will cast their votes to decide whether to upgrade the entire network or not.

The current voting scheme is two weeks later than the date that was originally set for voting. This was done to give people more time. Stellar is moving forward to newer territories. It is evolving to offer more new use cases. The Blockchain network still offers promising solutions as they continue implementing the necessary changes to attain the amount of progress required when it comes to addressing the evolving needs of the sector.

Stellar’s Past Changes in Protocol

Past protocol changes have altered the way the transaction rates work and how the network’s capacity is measured. Most of these changes were designed to help introduce a new path payment. Some changes were made do tackle the issue of fee bumps making sure of fine-grained control of asset authorization. Stellar recently hosted a Webinar with Elliptic where it discussed the Stellar network and compliance. They have clarified the role of compliance that is facilitated by tools designed to empower businesses and drive them towards more adoption.

Stellar Community Fund Rounds have progressed and provided more opportunities for content creators and developers in the Stellar community. Thus, the Blockchain network offers developers and content creators the opportunity to open and share their submissions. They also now have more avenues to win Stellar Lumens (XLM) when possible.

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