Litecoin News Today – Litecoin LTC’s Network Finally Gets an Upgrade – June 13th, 2020 

  • Litecoin network has finally gotten an upgrade
  • Reports on upgrades have been scarce on the network
  • The launch of Litecoin Core v0.18.1 will bring fresh air to the network

Litecoin news today – It is no secret that in recent times the Litecoin community has shown concerns over the project’s future. It will appear that these fears developed as a result of a perceived lack of development and upgrades on the network. The community feared that the lack of movement or momentum in the price of the digital asset was triggered by a lack of development. However, with this latest report, their fears will have been eased. The community can now smile once again and believe that their beloved project is moving forward. They can see a bright future for Litecoin after, Litecoin’s founder, Charlie Lee, on June 11, announced the upgrade. Lee announced that Litecoin’s long-awaited Core v0.18.1 upgrade has been launched.

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD


Litecoin News Today – Litecoin Launches Core v0.18.1 Upgrade

The network’s founder took to social media platform Twitter, to give the latest announcement on his project to the community. Lee posted that the network has just released the Litecoin Core v0.18.1 upgrade. Lee said the new upgrade is launched in full. He claims it is done and dusted, ready to be used. Lee appears to have been aware of the growing concern among the members of the Litecoin community. Which is why he talked about the rumors of no developments on the network downplaying it and claiming that was unproven and false. He claims this latest launch has done justice to his statements. Besides, Lee noted that the Litecoin Core 0.20 upgrade which is next in line, is already in the works. He concluded that after this upgrade has been launched, the Litecoin network will be back in line as the Blockchain with the most recent Bitcoin Core code.

Litecoin News Today – Other Concerns for Litecoin

Apart from fears over a perceived lack of development on the Litecoin network, the community has also been concerned by the slow recovery of LTC’s price in recent weeks. After the mid-March cryptocurrency price crash, triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, many digital assets started recovering rapidly. The top guns Bitcoin and Ethereum led this rally and it took them to highs pre-crash. Meanwhile, Litecoin’s charts, show that the project’s price recovery is slow when compared to the other top coins. The price of LTC/USD has fluctuated between the $38 and $50 levels for the last two months. But with this recent launch in the Litecoin network, the issue of slow price recovery may finally stop. It could ensure that the project starts seeing a long-overdue steady upside movement just like the rest of the top guns in the market.


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