Ripple News Today – Ripple Signs Deal With Global Media Company While XRP Displays Major Buy Signal – June 16th, 2020 

  • Ripple XRP to be Used by Global Media Company Along with Coil Integration 
  • Major Buy Signal Shows Up on the XRP Price Chart as Decline Continues

Ripple News Today – Condé Nast is a global media company that has just enabled monetization on its website through a monetization platform that uses XRP. Coil. According to the founder of Coil Condé Nast has already rolled out a limited test version of the service. It is one of the largest media companies in the world. Condé Nast has decided to venture into using Coil on its platform for the same reason why many other companies look for decentralized solutions; efficiency. Apart from being more efficient, decentralized financial solutions are also less intrusive than traditional methods.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Ripple News Today – Condé Nast’s Interest in XRP Might be Game-Changer for the Token

The Condé Nast website announced the Coil integration on its official website yesterday. Before Coil started providing XRP based monetization, it was providing other alternative methods of content monetization. It is the first-ever decentralized platform for monetization and it allows its users to pay affiliated sites in cryptocurrencies rather than with traditional currencies. All Coil payments are done through the Interledger protocol. When it was founded by Ripple’s former CTO in 2019, it received a $4 million grant from Ripple. Since then, it has worked towards making content monetization as democratized as possible. This way, even lesser-known content creators will have the opportunity to make money from their content. By integrating Coil, Condé Nast is opening a door to limitless possibilities for Ripple XRP.

Ripple News Today – Major Buy Signal Shows Up on the XRP Price Chart as Decline Continues

In other news, a major buy signal just showed up on the XRP price chart. After trading red for more than a week, a major buy signal has appeared on the XRP price chart. This means that there is a strong chance that the price of XRP token is going to start rising soon. The TD 9 buy signal has appeared on the USD/BTC pair. The TD sequential indicator is one of the most trustworthy but signals in the cryptocurrency industry.

XRP Price Prediction 2020 – Ripple XRP Price Prediction 2020 

There are currently three buy signals for Ripple XRP on the daily timeframes. When buy signals like this, it’s usually followed by a breakout from the ascending channel. During the 2017/2018 Bitcoin bull run, buy signals appeared on the charts before XRP surged above the $3 level for the first time. Traders are setting targets for XRP as high as $14. Since the price of XRP is currently $0.191361, the rise to $14 is farfetched and possibly unrealistic. The current XRP trading volume is $1,300,917,184 and the market capitalization is $8,469,230,297. The events of the next few trading sections will help traders determine what action to take.

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