Litecoin News Today – LocalCryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange Adds Litecoin LTC to its List if Tradable Coins – June 16th, 2002 

  • Peer-to-peer crypto exchange LocalCryptos has added Litecoin
  • Users on the platform will be able to do live Litecoin trading
  • Users will conduct LTC trades with zero fees until July 18

Litecoin news today – It would l appear that Litecoin has landed a new milestone in terms of adoption as the coin was announced for trading on digital currency exchange. This time it is the peer-to-peer exchange LocalCryptos that has listed Litecoin for trading on its platform. The announcement came via the LocalCryptos community after it posted that the peer-to-peer exchange will now allow Litecoin trading on its platform. LocalCryptos which is also a Bitcoin and Ethereum peer-to-peer trading forum, announced Litecoin trading today. The news comes with some added benefits for users who trade Litecoin on the platform.

Litecoin News Today – Users Will be Able to Buy and Sell Litecoin With Zero Fees Until July 18

According to the announcement by LocalCryptos, the platform’s users will now have the ability to buy and sell Litecoin with zero fees. This incentive will continue until July 18. The exchange claims it brought up the incentive as a way of celebrating it’s listing of LTC. Here is how the exchange put it:

“Celebrating the listing of the ecosystems’ “digital silver.”

The report about Litecoin listing on the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange couldn’t come at a better time. After all, Litecoin has since struggled to sustain any momentum it has gathered since the March price crash triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. Now this move will probably impact its price action.

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD


Note that LocalCryptos exchange was formerly called LocalEthereum. It has since rebranded its name late in 2019 and added support for Bitcoin trading. Now, the trading platform is expanding its cryptocurrency offering with the news of Litecoin listing. In the middle of February, the cryptocurrency exchange put its next action up for a community vote. The move allowed its users to decide which digital asset it would add next for trading on its platform. The options to vote from included Dash, EOS, and Litecoin, and LTC came out on top among the trio.

Litecoin News Today – Litecoin Users Will Have no Business With Pesky Centralization

Lucky for LocalCryptos exchange, the similarities between Litecoin and Bitcoin make adding it the former to the exchange an easy transition. According to the firm in an email to its users:

“Because BTC and LTC are similar, we can port the non-custodial Bitcoin escrow script to Litecoin without making major changes. LTC escrows on the LocalCryptos exchange are going to be on-chain P2SH transactions.”

Hence, all Litecoin users won’t have any need to worry about pesky centralization. Their wallets on the LocalCryptos exchange will be SegWit-enabled and self-custodial. The exchange assured users that:

“Your keys-your coins.”


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