Tezos News Today – Headlines for June 20

  • Tezos is one of the best performing altcoins in 2020
  • Tezos’ profitability grew rapidly between April and June
  • Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and Ethereum join Tezos on the list

Tezos News Today – every year digital assets continue to reach new highs and lows. The industry is mostly unpredictable. The key market drivers can include several OTC deals and hidden transactions. It also encompasses the changing regulatory framework. Towards the end of last year (2019), the key growth drivers for digital assets were the Bitcoin halving, the introduction of crypto legislation, and the negative forecasts of economic and political instability caused by the negative key rates deployed by central banks.

The ballooning global debt and global economic slowdowns have also played a role in the market action of cryptocurrencies. For this year, we have picked four of the most successful digital assets so far in 2020.


XTZ started 2019 at $0.47 and ended the first quarter of the same year at $1.06. XTZ’s profitability grew in April and June. Last May the crypto reached an annual maximum of $1.88 before it started to decline. However, since December last year, the crypto started to gain momentum. Currently, one Tezos is trading at $2.73. This means the value of XTZ / USD increased by 190%.

Bitcoin Cash

In January 2019, the BCH price was $135. By early April, it moved above $300. It reached $479.96 in June. Throughout the Q3 of 2019, the coins’ price remained stable and was hovering at $300. However, since November, the BCH price has declined. Although it is moving steadily despite the market situation. As of May 2020, BCH was trading at $233. The coin has gained 30% in the last year.

Bitcoin SV

Last year Bitcoin SV was looking good and it surpassed $230 in June. After which it lost its momentum a bit, until this year. In 2020, Bitcoin SV is doing well. The coin climbed from below $100 in January to $194.13 in May 2020. Bitcoin SV reached $441.29 its all-time high in January this year.


Ethereum, the number two largest digital asset by market cap on the market, was trading at $116 early last year. In the six months following this saw the value of the cryptocurrency continue to grow until it reached its maximum for the year. This point is $334.66.

After undergoing a bullish price action, Ethereum’s value began to decline before it finally settled down within $130 and $150 by the end of November last year. This movement demonstrated an increase of 20% since the beginning of 2020. In March, ETH went down rapidly with the rest of the market. The coin rose again in May and traded at $203.

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