Ethereum News Today – Headlines for June 24

UK-based Crypto Trading Platform is Launches Ethereum Futures Contracts
  • Ethereum’s transaction fees have risen recently
  • ETH’s overall outlook still looks strong despite high rates
  • Ether’s demand has risen in recent times

Ethereum News Today – there is data to back reports that Ethereum’s demand has risen in recent times. The recent boom experienced by the digital asset can be attributed to the explosive expansion of the DeFi sector recently. Although this rise in demand is yet to trigger a bullish price action for ETH, it appears that the coins’ growing utility is improving its macro outlook.

The explosive rise in the DeFi sector may have an unintended negative impact on Ethereum. It has caused the crypto’s transaction fees to rise which has potentially caused its competitors to get more attention. However, this hasn’t been enough to stop the digital asset from seeing some intense bullish movement in the near-term outlook. Because analysts have noted that ETH/USD is building up some strength which could propel it to higher levels.

Ethereum’s Transaction Fees Rises as DeFi Drives its Demand

The Ethereum space has had a massive influx of users in the last few days due to the growth of “yield farming.” This pattern comprises of individuals leveraging Ether-based tokens in a bid to get DeFi incentives. These incentives can be massive in some cases. Some users have even harvested yields as high as 200% yearly.

The prospect of massive yields with minimal risk has brought in a huge number of users into the Ether ecosystem. It has also provided many DeFi-based tokens with massive upward action. Although it hasn’t had any notable impact on the price of ETH. An interesting byproduct of the shift in Ethereum’s landscape is the rise in transaction rates. Because Ether users transact in ETH using most DeFi protocols, transaction fees have rocketed recently.

Ethereum’s Technical Overall Outlook is Still Strong

Even though Ether may be overshadowed by the DeFi-sector tokens in the near-term, this action may not persist for an extended period. Ethereum is currently up by 2% and is changing hands at $243. This is the position where it has been seating on for the last 24-hours. It also marks a notable rebound for the coin from its recent low of $220. It is important to indicate that ETH is still stuck in its long-held trading range ($230 and $250).

According to one analyst, Ethereum is staying strong at the moment. The coin will likely push higher before it will face any form of resistance. ETH is not looking weak. Rather it is holding the top area of its previous point against BTC. Ultimately, the fact that the coin is holding the $238 area on the lower time frame, shows a bullish action even if there is a pullback.

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