Stellar Lumens News Today – Headlines for June 25

  • Stellar-based Akoin token to digitize medical access in Africa
  • Akoin partnered with Jeev to improve healthcare access to people in Africa.
  • Akoin has established many beneficial partnerships

Stellar Lumens News Today – Akoin, the digital currency offering developed by African American artist Akon and based on the Stellar Blockchain, has announced a new partnership. Akoin has announced that it has collaborated with the healthcare provider Jeev. This latest partnership is designed to help improve the access that millions of people in Rwanda and the rest of the African continent have to healthcare. The initiative will effectively digitize healthcare in Africa.

The original report came via a press release by Akoin. The entity said that it is looking to digitize patient health interactions in Africa by adding them to a Blockchain. With this latest report, it is safe to say Akon’s’ Blockchain endeavor is expanding its position in Africa by implementing plans to digitize healthcare in the continent.

Akoin Expands its Presence in Africa

Akoin has since been expanding its presence within the African continent in recent months. This move has taken the firm out of relative obscurity to one of the front-runners in Blockchain development in Africa. Now, Akoin has turned to the healthcare sector by establishing a fresh partnership with Jeev. Jeev uses Blockchain technology to link patients with healthcare professionals.

Jeev said that the new partnership with Akoin is a natural extension of the latter’s goal to improve access to financial services and social opportunities to countries in Africa. The collaboration will allow Jeev to use Stellar-based Akoin token to offer its Blockchain-based to digitize healthcare access across a patient’s entire life-cycle (from in-person interactions with healthcare professionals and patient data to diagnostics).

Akoin’s Partnerships Across Africa

When we consider the best ways to make the biggest social impact, Akoin has looked at the businesses and models available. According to Jeev, the decision to work with Akoin was a natural choice. It will allow Akoin to adequately provide healthcare services to the underserved parts of Africa. Since it was announced, Akoin has been establishing partnerships across Africa. The Blockchain company has announced that it will become the major means of exchange for the MMTC (Mwale Medical and Technology City) in Western Kenya. The announcement was made earlier in the year.

Recently, Akoin awarded the construction contract for the building and execution of the $6 billion city to KE International. KE International is a U.S.-based engineering and consulting firm. Akoin has recently secured $4 billion from investors to be used for the first and second levels of the construction of Akon City. Akoin is behind the execution and design of the MMTC which is scheduled for completion by December 2020.

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