Tron News Today – Headlines for June 28

  • Tron working to improve its user experience
  • Users expect good things on the TRON 4.0 solution
  • TRX hybrid contract is now available on Biki English

Tron News Today – some members of the Tron community have recently expressed their desire to see the Tron 4.0 protocol rocking soon. Justin Sun, the network’s chief stated that the TRX hybrid contract is now available in Biki English. Sun welcomed Tron users to come experience and happy trading. Regarding their desire, Sun tweeted:

Anyone user can guess these answers: decentralized storage, the most popular torrent client in the world’s, the number 1 Android downloader on Google Play store, the number 1 in the live streaming community and Block explorer. The most secure and professional cryptocurrency wallet.”

One of the community members replied:

Tronscan, BTFS/BTFSP2P, BitTorrent, Tronlink, Tronlink, and Dlive”

Tron Runs on the Most Extensive Blockchain Network

TRX operates on the Tron protocol. The firm claims it is arguably the most extensive Blockchain operating system around the globe. What makes the Tron protocol attractive is high scalability and availability. According to cryptocurrency expert Sydney Ifergan, via a recent tweet:

Tron keeps moving to the next stage despite what’s happening around the globe and in the crypto space. The network is forever active.”

Tron is currently working to improve its platform’s user experience by making it better. The network’s developer and the user base is growing day after day. Tron’s dedicated developer portal which is naturally made available to the public helps in the expansion of the framework. Some new partnerships with the Tron Foundation will make the ecosystem more diverse. According to data given TRONSCAN ORG, Tron’s dAppChain has a block height of 8 million. That figure currently stands at 8,002,326.

Tron and MeconCash to Collaborate

While responding to Sun’s request that the community should give some advantages of the Tron 4.0 protocol, several faithful followers of Tron named a few improvements. But one of the commentators mocked at Sun’s question by stating that Sun is asking because he truly doesn’t know what’s good about Tron. However, several of the more committed Tron followers named the following:

  1. Trons smart contract privacy solution
  2. Enterprise Blockchain and Financial institution solution
  3. The TPOS dual-layer consensus mechanism
  4. New TICP cross-chain solution

The MeconCash foundation recently announced that Tron and MeconCash will collaborate. The goal of the partnership is to expand its cryptocurrencies. MeconCash further stated that with the announcement of the Tron and MeconCash partnership opened the way for the Tron and Just wallets in the MeconCash wallet app simultaneously. For digital currency enthusiasts who are not familiar with MeconCash, the coin is a native Blockchain and crypto developed by Mecon and based on the SHA-256 protocol.

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