Ripple News Today – Curencycloud to Process Cross-border Payments With Ripple’s Tech – July 2nd, 2020 

  • Global Business to Business Cross-border Payment Platform, Currencycloud Joins RippleNet
  • Ripple XRP Price Continues to Stall Despite Good News from RippleNet 

Ripple News Today – Ripple may not have partnered with all the banks it promised but it has made a lot of progress so far. Yesterday, Currencycloud announced that it has joined RippleNet to promote its services and tap onto the emerging technology. Currencycloud is one of the leading providers of embedded B2B cross-border payments services. By joining Ripple’s global financial payments network, RippleNet, Currencycloud has taken a huge step in paving the way for the next financial revolution.

Ripple News Today – Currencycloud Joins Over 300 Companies on the RippleNet Network

RippleNet was developed by Ripple to help companies that are interested in integrating its technology. All the companies on the RippleNet network have access to faster, and more affordable payment solutions across the globe. It isn’t just for companies that are interested in cross-border payments, companies that offer local payment services can also benefit from RippleNet’s services. RippleNet is the channel through which Ripple intends to achieve its goal of revolutionizing the global financial sector and becoming the foremost provider of financial services.

By partnering with Ripple and joining RippleNet, Currencycloud will take advantage of Ripple’s next-generation technology. They will be able to move money for their clients across the globe more efficiently. Since Ripple’s technology is based on the blockchain, the company’s reach will expand and they will be able to reach places that they couldn’t reach because of regulatory restrictions. Currencycloud says that most of its focus will be on underrepresented territories where SMEs suffer stunted growth because of regulators. The cost-saving option will also be incredibly helpful for these companies. The CEO of Currencycloud had this go say about the partnership;

“Currencycloud is all about bringing clarity, speed and value to the traditionally opaque, costly and time-consuming issues associated with cross-border payments, particularly for SMEs that have historically been under-served by traditional banking. Ripple’s solution will help us to extend our network to new parts of the world, removing more barriers to payments for our clients.”

Ripple News Today – Ripple XRP Price Continues to Stall Despite Good News from RippleNet

In other news, the price of the Ripple XRP token is still struggling against the USD. The good news about the partnership didn’t affect the price of the token at all. In fact, these days, no good news seems to be capable of shaking the price of XRP. At the time of writing, the price of the token was $0.176507. It is down by 0.10% against the USD and down nu 0.51% against Bitcoin BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $1,098,317,000 and the market capitalization is $7,811,797,747.


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