Litecoin News Today – Cryptocurrency is Now a Means of Payment on – July 7th, 2020 

  • Litecoin’s price is set to trade higher in the coming sessions
  • adds digital assets as a mode of payment
  • Malaysian users can now buy and sell LTC on Luno

Litecoin news today – The price of Litecoin is set to take an upward action. The reason for this sudden bullish turn can be attributed to the new developments that took place in the digital asset space. This type of development will likely ensure that Litecoin and the rest of cryptocurrency see greater adoption. Expedia Partner Solutions and have teamed up to form a new partnership in the hospitality sector. The move will make travelers and holidaymakers pay for their travel bookings with cryptocurrency including Litecoin. This move will surely drive overall cryptocurrency prices in the coming days.

Litecoin News Today – Expedia Partner Solutions and Collaborate

EPS (Expedia Partner Solutions) an Expedia Group B2B firm has partnered with to create a travel platform with a payment systems feature that has a huge crypto footprint. The collaboration will allow to accept crypto payments (including Litecoin) on behalf of 700,000 travel, holiday, and lodging locations operated by Expedia Group’s hotels. has more than 2 million listed hotels already on its platform. The partnership with EPS is the business of travel booking for consumer brands and airlines related to aviation and travel. It will bring the ability to make remittances for a complete travel and accommodation package with Litecoin, AVA, Bitcoin, plus 25 other digital currencies. The partnership couldn’t have come at a better time as the cryptocurrency payments continue to rise.

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD


Litecoin Latest News – Malaysians Can Now Trade Litecoin on Luno Exchange

Crypto exchange Luno recently added Litecoin for trading on its roaster. The platform describes the digital asset as the fourth cryptocurrency approved by the Malaysian Securities Commission, to be traded on its trading exchange. In a statement, the exchange said its Malaysian users will now be able to store, buy, and sell, as well as learn more about Litecoin from Tuesday, July 7. Here is the statement:

“The difficulties created by the pandemic has triggered a rise in the usage of cryptocurrency. This is because we have been told to avoid handling physical cash due to the spread of infection. Times have changed, more people have turned to cryptos because they understand the benefits cryptocurrencies offer.”

Luno added that even though Litecoin and Bitcoin share a few similarities, that there are many key differences between the two digital assets. Litecoin has new blocks up to four times as often as Bitcoin. This implies that it has a shorter confirmation time than the latter. This confirmation time is 2.5 minutes compared to 10 minutes for Bitcoin.


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