Tron News Today -Headlines for July 12

  • Tron is now available for trading on Phemex exchange
  • The price of Tron continues moving upwards
  • Tron’s chief has recently considered capitalizing on DOGE’s success with TikTok

Tron News Today – the price of Tron has since been in an uptrend in recent weeks. Considering the latest report from the community, it is safe to say that this price action will continue. At press time today, the price of Tron was changing hands at $0.018367. Now, the latest news on Tron is that the network’s native token TRX will now be available for trading on Phemex exchange. The announcement was made by Tron’s CEO and founder Justin Sun. This move will probably drive Tron’s value higher and make sure that its current price trend is maintained.

Tron’s Justin Sun Announced the TRX Listing on Phemex Cryptocurrency Exchange

The announcement about Tron’s latest listing on the new cryptocurrency exchange Phemex was made by Tron’s Justin Sun. The ever-active Tron CEO took to his Twitter handle to tweet the announcement of the listing of TRX on the new exchange Phemex. In the tweet about the listing, Sun said the transaction fees, for now, is 0 for users who are going to trade USDT on the Tron Blockchain. This is a good move for the time being.

Recall from an earlier report that Sun announced the release of the Tron 4.0 update also known as the Great Voyage era. Since the time of the announcement to this day, the value of the TRX token has managed to increase by roughly 5%. All in all, it has been a positive last few months and weeks for the Tron network.

Despite Some Minor Price Corrections Tron’s Overall Trend Remains Bullish

Despite a few minor corrections, the overall price trend of the TRX token has remained bullish since mid-March 2020. The ongoing price rise for Tron’s token isn’t a false rally because it has been confirmed by the rise in the coins’ daily trading volume. The rise in the last two weeks has reached up to 30%. Even though the TRX token has lost a minor 2.73% in the last 24-hours of trade, it is more of a bounce off before weekends than the start of a bearish action. The price of TRX was trading at $0.018367 at press time.

Finally, Tron and its CEO have been working on new ways to market the network. No wonder Tron has announced the possibility of following DOGE’s success by hosting a TikTok challenge of their own to promote the Tron network. This move and the announcement on Tron’s latest

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