Tron News Today – Headlines for July 14

  • Tron partners with MeconCash to bring TRX and JST to South Korea
  • The collaboration will bring TRX and JST to 13,000 ATMs in South Korea
  • The move will benefit the crypto eccentric country

Tron News Today – the Blockchain network, Tron has signed a partnership with crypto payment service MeconCash. This collaboration aims to bring the TRX and JST tokens to South Korean users. Per the announcement, TRX and JST tokens will be distributed in over 13,000 ATMs in the country. These money dispensing machines will allow users to withdraw cryptocurrencies in fiat.

Tron announced this in a press release. The network revealed the partnership with MeconCash, will allow MeconCash to distribute the TRX and JST tokens in over 13,000 ATMs in South Korea. This move is another milestone for the Tron network and one that will surely improve Tron’s relevance in the financial world.

The Move Has Brought Many Benefits to South Korean Users

The MeconCash platform is designed to offer payment solutions, rewards, and transactions based on cryptos online and mobile services. The platform is currently set to integrate with other services like ATMs, hospital fee payments, and gaming applications, among a host of others. In that sense, the latest collaboration with Tron will allow users to gain access to many benefits.

The release adds that tourists visiting the country (South Korea) will be able to quickly access their money without “going through the roadblock of an exchange”. Additionally, they’ll be able to avoid all restrictions imposed on travelers for undeclared cash sums. Users may use their funds to pay at merchants. That is merchants that don’t accept electronic remittances. The collaboration also offers users lower transaction fees when compared to what credit or debit cards offer.

Tron and MeconCash Chief’s Praised the Move

Per the announcement, the CEO of Tron Justin Sun said:

“Tron is happy to start working with MeconCash. The increase in crypto payment systems has arrived and our mission is to assist regular people to gain access to a convenient and simpler payment model in their day-to-day life.”

Also speaking on the partnership, Jae Do Cho, MeconCash President said he was happy and honored to be partners with Tron and the expansion that it’s bringing to the ecosystem. He added:

Together, we will work together to make the world a much better place and grow as one.”

According to an earlier report, JST is the stablecoin that was recently introduced by Tron. It is a part of Tron’s JUST (the decentralized lending platform). The JST stablecoin is connected to the USD in a 1:1 ratio. It has since achieved success during its first token sale on LaunchBase.

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