Stellar Lumens News Today – Headlines for July 16

  • XLM is now available on Samsung Galaxy devices

  • The new Samsung Galaxy users can store XLM on their devices

  • Samsung insists that it remains committed to the crypto

Stellar Lumens News Today – South Korean mobile manufacturer and electronics giant, Samsung has announced the addition of support for Stellar’s XLM token on its Blockchain Keystore solution on the Galaxy S10. The Blockchain Keystore originally gives users the ability to store the private keys of their crypto wallets.

Henceforth, the owners of all of Samsung’s new smartphones will be able to directly store Stellar on their devices. The smartphones include Samsung’s current flagship offering the Galaxy S20. This offering will allow users to use their smartphones as hardware wallets for store XLM safely.

The New Galaxy S20 Supports Digital Currency Wallets

In February 2019, Samsung unveiled its new version of the Galaxy series. The tech giant revealed that the latest Galaxy S10 model of its Galaxy series will include support for cryptocurrency wallets. It will also support decentralized applications (dApps) to much fanfare. Meanwhile, HTC already had a similar feature on their phone. They already had a Blockchain-focused mobile device. But with this move, Samsung has become the first major smartphone manufacturer to dip its toes into digital currencies.

From the onset, the Samsung Galaxy S10 only offered support for Bitcoin, and Ethereum, alongside a few obscure ERC-20 tokens. Now it has added Stellar Lumens support to the Galaxy series via Blockchain Keystore. Users will now be able to directly but Stellar’s XLM token on their device via Blockchain Keystore.

Samsung Has Supported Digital Assets over the Years

Recall from a report in October last year, Tron’s CEO Justin Sun spoke about a partnership with one of the “megacorporations.” At the time Sun claimed the collaboration would distribute TRX’s tokens and dApps. It wasn’t a surprise when the tech giant that Sun was referring to turned out to be electronics and smartphone manufacturer Samsung. Following the announcement, the TRX token gained about 50%. Despite, the strong price rally at the time, the news had little effect on Tron’s long-term price outlook.

According to the CEO of the Stellar Development Foundation, Denelle Dixon, the recent integration with Samsung is a big step’ for the Stellar Blockchain network, its community, and the ecosystem. The SDF executive said:

With this integration, we have been exposed to a new network of smartphone users that can adequately benefit from the innovation of Samsung and Stellar.”

As of when this content was published, there are more than 30 different digital currencies and five Blockchain networks supported by Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones. Hopefully, this move will positively impact the price of XLM.

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