Ripple News Today – Ripple’s Lawsuit Against YouTube Might Be Dismissed as YouTube Changes Its Policies – July 22nd, 2020

  • Youtube Files a Motion to Dismiss Ripple’s Lawsuit Over Ripple Scam Content 
  • Ripple XRP Fails to Move Above the $0.2000 Against the USD, Slides Back to $0.1970

Ripple News Today – YouTube has been under a lot of fire for its failure to regulate content, especially scame cryptocurrency content. In April, Ripple sued YouTube for allowing scammers to impersonate Brad Garlinghouse in several elaborate cryptocurrency scams that allowed them to make way with millions of XRP tokens. The thing with YouTube is that legitimate cryptocurrency businesses are not allowed to advertise their products on the network but scammers can easily upload misleading videos that don’t just cost people money but also destroys the reputation of honest businesses. YouTube has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit originally filed by Ripple.

Ripple News Today – YouTube Files Motion to Dismiss Ripple’s Lawsuit

In Ripple’s lawsuit against YouTube, the blockchain-based company challenged section 230 of YouTube’s Video streaming juggernaut. In the latest filing, YouTube states that it didn’t do anything to contribute to promoting these scams on its platform. They also stated that they typically deal with these scammers swiftly when they come to their attention. A spokesperson of YouTube said;

“We take the abuse of our platform seriously and take action quickly when we detect violations.”

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Ripple, on the other hand, claims that YouTube was aware of what the scammers were going but didn’t do anything to stop them. Ripple allegedly reported these scammers to YouTube on more than one occasion but YouTube didn’t do anything about it. Scammers were able to make away with the hard-earned money of unsuspecting investors who participated in giveaway scams. Some of these scammers used verified accounts to cheat people.

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YouTube is insisting that it didn’t break any of its terms. According to their spokesperson, their actions are protected by Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act that was passed in 1996. This act protects Internet companies from liability for the content that is generated by users. However, free Internet speech is what allowed internet giants like YouTube, Google, and Facebook to make their millions. Ripple’s suit is a threat to freedom of speech on the internet.

Ripple XRP Fails to Move Above the $0.2000 Against the USD, Slides Back to $0.1970

In other news, the Ripple XRP token has failed to move above $0.2000 as we had initially predicted yesterday. The token is currently trading at $0.197578. It is down by 0.66% against the USD and down by 0.78% against Bitcoin BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $873,821,402 and the market capitalization is $8,853,890,992. The resistance at $0.2000 is too strong and it’s difficult to determine when the token will surge.

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