Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for July 23

  • Twitter claims hackers gained access to DMs of 36 accounts during the recent heist
  • Hackers accessed DM of 8 accounts out of 130 compromised accounts
  • The FBI has opened an investigation into the incident

Cryptocurrency News Today – microblogging social media platform Twitter has revealed that cybercriminals gained access to the Direct Messages of 36 user accounts during the high profile hack last week. Recall that barely one week ago, the social media giant suffered a major security breach after hackers managed to gain access to accounts of high profile individuals including profiles of former U.S President Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, and a host of others.

Now, the social media giant has revealed after investigations that hackers were able to access the DMs of 8 accounts out of the 130 accounts that were compromised during the heist. Hackers managed to solicit BTC from their followers claiming to double whatever the victims sent.

Hackers Gained Access to DMs of 36 Accounts

Following the incident, Twitter’s support account noted that the cybercriminals had managed to gain access to the DMs of eight high profile user accounts, including one of an elected government official in the Netherlands. However, a spokesperson for Twitter has clarified that the hackers didn’t access the DMs of president Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the former Vice President as was originally reported.

The hackers posted tweets from the compromised user accounts of the famous individuals to solicit for Bitcoin promising to make the tokens double. Twitter was able to take down the tweets made by the bad actors. However, the move was too late and the damage was already done as the hackers got away with $100,000 in BTC which they are currently trying to launder.

The FBI has Launched an Investigation into the Twitter Heist

The recent Twitter heist raised many questions about user privacy on the microblogging and social media platform. If the user accounts belonging to individuals like Barack Obama and Joe Biden can be accessed by hackers, then it is fair to question the privacy and security of the accounts owned by non-verified users on Twitter. It goes to show how vulnerable user accounts are on Twitter. The hackers were also able to download the data of eight users in the security breach.

However, the social media giant said those accounts were owned by unverified users. It will appear the hackers will attempt to launder the solicited funds by moving them through peer-to-peer and gambling forums. In any case, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has opened an investigation into the high-profile hack at press time. As time passes, we will be revealing more details of the FBI’s investigation.

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