Tron News Today – Headlines for July 27

  • The Tron network has adopted a single letter domain
  • Tron’s site can now be accessed with a single letter domain of the T.Network.
  • Tron withdrew the $1M Twitter hack bounty due to the FBI’s investigation

Tron News Today – the Tron network has adopted a single letter domain for its website. The site will now be accessible with a single letter domain of the T.Network. Meanwhile, Tron’s Justin Sun, after announcing the withdrawal of the $1m Twitter hack bounty (offered for any information that could lead to the arrest and prosecution of the bad actors responsible for the recent heist) clarified why the Blockchain network withdrew it.

There is also talk of development on the network. A good number of developments have occurred in Tron this week. Among these developments, the most notable is stated above. It is the decision to adopt a single letter domain.

Single Domain and Withdrawal of $1 Million Twitter Hack Bounty

In the first place, Sun announced via his Twitter handle that the Tron protocol’s site is now accessible with a single letter domain via the T.Network. After Sun announced via a tweet, a look at Tronscan issued by the T.Network site shows the rate at which the Tron Network has continued to grow. It has indeed been at an exponential level. As of when this content was written, the Tron Blockchain has been bullish.

Also still within this week, Sun took to his Twitter page to explain why the Tron network withdrew the $1 million Twitter hack bounty it originally set for any information that leads to the arrest of those behind the heist. Sun made his comments in response to an article that claimed that the Tron foundation of sidestepping on any legitimate leads that could have resulted in the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators.

Why Tron Withdrew $1 Million Twitter Hack Bounty

Giving a response regarding why Tron withdrew the bounty, Sun explained that:

We originally offered the $1M bounty to push for leads to the arrest of the hackers. However, since the FBI has now opened an investigation, we have to be compliant with law enforcement. Hence, the bounty has been withdrawn so that we won’t disturb the FBI’s investigation. We hope the FBI catches the cybercriminals soon.”

While responding to Sun’s tweet, one of his followers thanked the Tron founder for his efforts. The user also highlighted the fact that the bounty could have had an impact on the progress of the FBI’s investigation into finding the bad actors. In any case, offering a bounty was a nice gesture considering how the hackers were able to violate user privacy on Twitter. However, we can imagine how the bounty could disrupt the FBI’s investigation into the heist.

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