Cardano News Today – Charles Hoskinson Unveils New Cardano Projects With Shelley Upgrade Less than 24 Hours Away – July 28th, 2020 

  • Founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson, Unveils New Cardano Projects in Africa and Beyond 
  • Cardano Shelley Launch is Scheduled to Take Place Tomorrow and Everything is Already in Place 

Cardano News Today – The Cardano development team is currently the busiest in the cryptocurrency market. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic that has delayed many companies and prevented them from making any real progress, the team behind Cardano has continued to work hard to make sure that goals are accomplished. Apart from the obvious Shelley project they have been working on for months, Charles Hoskinson has just announced that they are working on some exciting new developments in Africa. Updates about their recent projects in Africa were revealed in a video posted by Hoskinson yesterday.

Cardano News Today – IOHK and Cardano Work on New Projects in Africa At the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s no longer news that Cardano has always been interested in Africa. The blockchain has many use cases in the continent and Cardano has always worked more on developing nations than developed ones. The goal is to promote an inclusive society for the unbanked. Cardano is already bidding for contracts for applying its blockchain in telecommunications and transportation in Ethiopia. Hoskinson referred to its partnership with World Mobile in Tanzania. This partnership was made to allow the speed of the deployment of micro ISPs and 4G mesh networks.

Hoskinson refers to Ethiopia as his favorite country in Africa. He said;

“Probably the most professional African country is Rwanda at this point. It’s the right size, it has the right thought process and the government is set up for foreign tendering.”

Two years ago, Hoskinson talked about the major plans Cardano had for Ethiopia. He said that they intend to reach the whole of Africa but Ethiopia is ground zero. At the time, Hoskinson said;

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


“2020 is about turning everything on and 2021 is all about the Clash of the Titans where we go and demonstrate to the world that this truly is the best platform to do things, and get thousands of Dapps and tokens and projects built on Cardano and we just keep on scaling. The system was built for that.”

Cardano Shelley Launch is Scheduled to Take Place Tomorrow and Everything is Already in Place

In other news, the Cardano Shelley update is going to take place tomorrow. Everything has been put in place as far as the eyes can see. After the completion of Shelley, Cardano’s proof-of-stake protocol will be the first in the industry to be built on empirical peer-reviewed research. The Cardano blockchain is going to change the game when the Shelley upgrade is complete. The ADA token is already benefiting from the hype surrounding Shelley as it has surged by more than 300% since the beginning of the year.


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