Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for July 30

  • EOS based Voice is in Beta testing stages
  • For now, only registered users are allowed to publish on Voice
  • The EOS-based social media platform will fully launch in mid-August

Cryptocurrency News Today – earlier in July, Voice, the EOS based social media platform was reportedly launched. According to the network, for now, only registered users will be allowed to participate in the platform’s beta testing phase. According to the CEO of Voice, Salah Zalatimo, registering on the platform is by request for now until August 15. By then existing users can start to invite their friends. For now, only registered users allowed to publish.

Voice only requires a selfie from users looking to sign up on the platform. One important element of Voice is that its users will be given Voice tokens as rewards for posting content. Quality content precisely.

Voice’s Launch Comes at a Time When Social Media Censorship Has Become Rampant

In Tweet in June, Zalatimo said this is the time for users to re-take control from big tech. According to him:

We have been working a big reveal this fall. However, we can’t wait anymore. We must take social media back from big tech. We did what startups are supposed to do.”

His remarks were made at a time when the leaders of some of the big technology firms are under scrutiny from lawmakers. This case the chiefs of Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google, are all testifying before the House Intelligence Committee regarding how their firms and online platforms, have become too big. These firms have grown exponentially over the years.

In recent days, social media platforms have been accused of censoring content. An example is Tweet promoting the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID19 treatment. The platform isn’t functioning on the EOS mainnet. It is running in a private version of EOS’s network. The platform’s FAQ section provides more insight regarding its backend.

Voice Facilitates Social Interactions With the EOSIO Protocol and the Characteristics of Blockchain Tech

Voice uses the EOSIO protocol and the characteristics of Blockchain tech to facilitate transparency and trusted social interactions. Voice uses a state-of-the-art biometric authentication model to verify that all accounts on the platform belong to real people. The final part of the above has gotten the attention of users who value their privacy on online platforms. Content creators must part away with some data revealing their identity to access the platform.

In Voice’s case, you will have to offer a selfie in addition to the name and email address which is the usual requirement. The team behind Voice remarks that they are real people. Users only need to provide a selfie to sign up with the Voice social media platform. This security check is designed to eliminate spam accounts and bots. Which inevitably fosters a more authentic, honest, and transparent community.

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