VeChain News Today – Headlines for August 1

  • VeChain and Avery Dennison presents Blockchain solutions at IoT exhibition
  • VeChain has made food traceability a top priority
  • VeChain and Avery Dennison will push adaptation further

VeChain News Today – VeChain will reportedly present new Blockchain and IoT solutions in partnership with Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels. The solutions are for the corporate sector at the IoT (International Internet of Things) Exhibition in Shenzhen. The 2020 edition of the exhibition is reportedly the largest in Asia. It reportedly attracts over 800 professionals and 130,000 trade visitors from multiple industries per year.

The 2020 IOT exhibition took place in Shenzhen, China. It began on July 29 and rounded up on July 31, 2020. The event offers the most advanced solutions for businesses that are focused on Blockchain technology and the IoT (Internet of Things). The conference is arguably one of the largest worldwide.

VeChain Presented Blockchain Showcase in Collaboration with Avery Dennison

VeChain, in partnership with Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels, presented the most recent Blockchain and IoT solutions. These solutions will encompass a wide range of sectors including food, retail, logistics, automotive, and pharmaceutical. The coronavirus pandemic has vastly changed the corporate landscape. It has alerted consumer behavior by a mile. This has caused the demand for safer and completely traceable foods on e-commerce platforms to increase. The public awareness of safety and sustainable health has increased as well due to the virus.

According to one study carried out by IBM, more than 71% of consumers will agree to pay a 37% premium to companies that provide complete traceability and transparency. The report also adds that over 70% of the firms that were surveyed have “tracking gaps” between their systems (model for initial suppliers and final customers) in the food supply. Ensuring traceability has now become a top priority considering the current situation of the world.

VeChain and Avery Dennison Will Push Adaptation

Avery Dennison is known as one of the largest suppliers of packaging solutions in the world. The firm also offers IoT solutions that mix real products and digital identities. By using Avery Dennison’s smart label and the VeChain ToolChainTM to provide solutions companies can have a chance to enjoy transparent digital lifecycle management end-to-end via a single source. Bundling these competencies makes sure there are 100% tracking and monitoring in the food supply chain. This in turn contributes greatly to building brand and consumer confidence.

VeChain and Avery Dennison will provide complete solutions for firms as they put it:

VeChain, in collaboration with Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels is committed to working with other partners to offer full value chain solutions from consulting, integration, assessment, and implementation to optimization services. It will also be focused on helping food enterprises of different sizes through the different development stages to commence their digital transformation smoothly.”

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