Tron News Today – Headlines for August 3

  • Tron is approaching 1 Billion smart contract triggers
  • Tron Dapps remain the most popular in the market
  • The performance of TRX mirrors developments on the network

Tron News Today – the Tron network is reportedly close to achieving a new milestone of 1 Billion smart contract triggers. Meanwhile, Tron dApps remain the most popular. Tron’s Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation are aiming to delve into the DeFi sector. The development within Tron’s ecosystem is mirrored by the coins’ market performance.

At press time, the total smart contracts on Tron’s network have been triggered more than 928,739,657 times. Tron’s potential to achieve this feat has been highlighted by the CEO and founder of the project, Justin Sun. Sun gave the information via a Tweet. The network has been actively working on new developments in recent times.

The Tron Foundation and its Leader will Turn Focus to DeFi

Tron’s smart contract triggers are heading to 1 Billion. This recent action can be attributed to the kind of popularity that Trons dApps have attained. A quick look at shows that five among the top ten most used decentralized apps are on Tron. Furthermore, the bulk of the top 50 decentralized apps ranked on DappRadar, are built on Tron’s network.

In DeFi, going by the ranking category of, Tron’s latest acquisition, the Just platform sits on top of the list. It is even ahead of the popular Ether-based DeFi platform including Synthetix, MakerDAO (MKR), Compound (COMP), and Aave (LEND). Recall from back in July, that Sun revealed that the Tron Foundation will launch Tron’s version of Uniswap by August 2020. The Tron-based platform called ‘JUSTswap’ will go live on August 17. Yield Farming will be launched on August 31.

TRX’s Market Performance Mirror’s Tron’s Development

If we take a quick look at the market movement of Tron’s TRX token, you will conclude that TRX has maintained a bullish trajectory until today’s early morning dip. Before the latter event, the price of Tron had just posted a local peak after it reached the $0.02135 area. After this action, the price of the digital asset dropped to the $0.01750 area which is a support level. Following this, it managed to bounce back to its current price position of $0.01940.

Remember that the price of Tron’s TRX has declined to as low as the $0.00681 area particularly during the price crash of mid-March triggered by the coronavirus. This, in turn, implies that the Tron price has recovered from this mid-March dip. It has since provided more than 3x returns for investors who were quick to buy during the March price dip.

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