Tron News Today – Headlines for August 12

  • Justin Sun’s BitTorrent surpasses 2 billion installations
  • One in four people have downloaded BitTorrent globally at some point
  • This is a clear sign that BitTorrent has been reborn under Justin Sun’s leadership

Tron News Today – the latest report in the digital asset space is a new milestone by file-sharing Blockchain-based network BitTorrent. BitTorrent which is under the stewardship of Tron’s Justin Sun is celebrating after it managed to surpass two billion installations. This means that one in four people installed the app at some point.

To celebrate the latest milestone in grand style, BitTorrent said it will offer 30% off subscriptions for BitTorrent and µTorrent on Windows. Under Sun’s leadership, BitTorrent has flourished. The file-sharing network has been reborn after it was integrated into Tron. The introduction of the BTT native token helped push adoption. BitTorrent now includes deep crypto integration and offers the ability to pay subscriptions in TRX and BUSD.

Sun Celebrates BitTorrent’s Latest Milestone

Regarding the milestone Sun said:

It has been nearly two decades since the idea of decentralized file transfer was launched by BitTorrent. This changed the world and impacted the lives of people positively. Today we celebrate the history and all who were involved in making BitTorrent a success. We will continue to fulfill our goal of improving the BitTorrent protocol and introduce new use cases including new decentralized live streaming and file storage offerings.”

Tron knows that the perfect way to grow its market share is to acquire existing entities with an established user base. So far, the strategy has worked with BitTorrent, Dlive, and Steemit. BitTorrent benefited the most from tokenization. BitTorrent File System launch ahead of rival solutions like Filecoin has improved the latters status as the top gun of file sharing. It has shown that it can adopt new technologies and still stay relevant as can be seen 14 years on.

Tron and its Products Have Expanded Too Alongside BitTorrent

The upward momentum that BitTorrent has enjoyed has been enjoyed by TRON. Trons ecosystem has extended into new areas. This week, BuyUcoin an Indian crypto exchange listed TRX and BTT for trading. Meanwhile, JST, another offering acquired by Tron (a governance token) to operate as its stablecoin issuance and DeFi lending platform, has also been listed on Binance exchange. This happened just after its price rose by 1,000% in one month.

JST token has recently been airdropped to Tronholders. This is a part of the program designed to share ownership and incentivize crypto holders. It will help to investigate TRON’s group of Blockchain-powered offerings. Meanwhile, Binance exchange, is currently where BitTorrent’s, BTT token began life during the first IEO held by the exchange.

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