Tron News Today – Headlines for August 14

  • Tron and Waves have announced a partnership
  • The collaboration will improve inter-chain communication between Tron and Waves
  • The Gravity network is key to the partnership

Tron News Today – collaborations are always important in the digital asset and Blockchain space. The goal most times is to improve each other and provide better solutions. This time around, Tron and Waves have announced a partnership. The goal of this new strategic partnership is to improve inter-chain communication between Tron and Waves.

The Gravity network (Oracle and Cross-Chain solution) will connect the two Blockchains. It will play a starring role in the enhancement of DeFi in Tron and Waves. This new partnership will undoubtedly improve the two Blockchain projects.

Integration Will Help Both Projects Grow

According to the announcement, Waves and TRON said they are using Gravity oracles to connect their Blockchains’ smart contract languages (Ride and Solidity). Gravity is a token-agnostic oracle and Blockchain with a cross-border communication network. TRON and Waves will establish a bridge via Gravity. The arrangement will allow both networks to improve access to services for the userbase of the two networks.

One important benefit of the partnership between Tron and Waves deciding to use Gravity is that users and developers will interact. They will interact with the two ecosystems hence, enhancing interactions between the userbase for Tron and Waves. Consequently, the Tron and Waves networks will thrive together under this new arrangement. Using Gravity will undoubtedly enhance DeFi in the two ecosystems according to the Tron foundation. Additionally, the teams at Waves and Tron elaborated on the different ways in which DeFi projects in their networks will benefit from using Gravity.

dApp Developers on Tron and Waves’ Can Now Use the Data Services of Gravity

TRX, BTT, JST, and a few other TRC-20 tokens including TRON-USDT will be made available on Waves Blockchain. These options will be available via seamless decentralized gateways (known as Gravity swap) and listed automatically on Waves’ DEXes WAVES, WEST, USDN, NSBT, and other digital assets on Waves ecosystem on Tron’s Blockchain via Gravity. They’ll be automatically listed on TRON’s DEXes as well and Tron’s DeFi services.

Finally, dApp developers on TRON and Waves’ will have the ability to use the data feed services of Gravity oracles. New services including seamless $TRON-USDT <-> $USDN swaps will be added. Developers from both networks will have the capacity to create cross-chain dApps. These apps will work in chains (these will be capable of expanding to other chains through Gravity) via browser extensions and wallets preferred by users.

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