Bitcoin Cash News Today – Headlines for August 23

  • Flipstarter facilitates massive $2,000,000 prize pool
  • $1 million has been raised by 12 Bitcoin Cash-fueled Flipstarter campaigns
  • In the past five months, $6,000 in BCH was donated to the Eatbch Flipstarter campaign

Bitcoin Cash News Today – the Flipstarter platform has now gained traction during the past five months after raising a whopping $1 million in BCH for 12 campaigns. According to a recent blog post, Flipstarter’s development team said the app shows how “stakeholder funding of commoners can work.” Back in February, the creation of (a noncustodial bitcoin-cash powered fundraising app) was announced.

One week on, the developers behind the project announced the first fundraisers that were held on the new app. According to the report, one among the first fundraisers was done in memory of BCH’s most popular non-profit entities, Eatbch. The non-profit organization leverages BCH donations to provide food for people in need in Venezuela and South Sudan.

In the Past Five Months, $6,000 in BCH Was Donated to the Eatbch Flipstarter Campaign

Over the last five months, $6,000 was donated in BCH donations to Eatbch one of the Flipstarter campaigns. Other Flipstarter campaigns saw donations for infrastructure development, peer-to-peer electronic cash adoption, and developer adoption. Based on the BCH exchange rates as of when the announcement was made, infrastructure funding saw a whopping $769,200 in donations.

The funds were sent to Electron Cash, BCHD, BCHN, Bitcoin Verde, Knuth, Mark Lundeberg, and BitcoinCashJ. Meanwhile, developer adoption received funding to the tune of $234,000 and involved mainnet, and BCH Devcon 3. SofiaBCH, and Bit for Tip, two adoption efforts, were funded ($11,904) via Flipstarter. According to the Flipstarter team:

In just under five months, stakeholders have over $1,000,000 in 12 different campaigns. Each of these campaigns were created and operated by Flipstarters team without a central authority. The campaigns covered a good number of common people and aren’t limited to technical projects alone.”

Social Media Platforms Reddit and Twitter have Appreciated Flipstarter

It is common to see several popular Flipstarter campaigns advertised on Reddit and Twitter. Last week one BCH proponent and Reddit user with the ID u/Shadowofharbringer remarked that before the Bitcoin Cash and Flipstarter collaboration came into existence, he didn’t know that spending money will feel great. Another user on the platform also referenced the Bitcoin Cash-fueled blogging platform and said the below in reply to u/Shadowofharbringer:

Spending money on is my favorite way to spend cash.”

In total, the million of dollars raised on one of the noncustodial fundraising platforms is a huge achievement for Flipstarter’s development team and the community using it. Finally, the announcement also gave additional details that there are more than seven Flipstarter campaigns still in the funding process.

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