Tron News Today – Headlines for August 23

  • Plair announces partnership with JustBet a Tron-powered project
  • The goal of the partnership is to bring decentralized gaming to VeChain
  • The partnership will benefit all parties involved

Tron News Today – Tron and VeChain networks are slated to work together indirectly. In this case, the VeChainThor-based decentralized gaming platform, Plair announced that it has partnered with JustBet. JustBet is a Tron-powered Blockchain project. Per the report, the partnership will bring decentralized gaming to VeChain’s network. Plair announced on Saturday, August 22.

Plair is a platform that allows users to watch, play, and discuss topics on gaming was excited about the partnership considering that it started working with JustBet as an ally and advisor for the last few months. On the JustBet gaming dApp platform, users can use their wallets securely and efficiently to stake in any game of their choice including dice, lotteries, poker, and roulette wheels, to mention a few. The platform helps to reduce costs by removing the need for middlemen.

Users Will be Able to Stake Games Seamlessly

With WINR The official token for JustBet, users will be able to seamlessly stake in games and earn funds with the token. WINR is a TRC20-based token, that helps to create a bridge between the Plair and VeChain platforms and any other cross-chain protocol. It automatically enhances the growth of VeChain’s ecosystem.

JustBet also announced that it will leverage the partnership to maturate Blockchain gaming. This can be achieved by collaborating with cross-chain initiatives and incorporating communities to enhance the value and growth in each other’s space. JustBet’s creator Ali Ömer Horzum, anticipates a long term collaboration with VeChain and Plair. By linking up with VeChainThor on JustBet, users will be able to use PLA and VET to play games. With the Proof-of-Authority consensus protocol in VeChainThor’s blockchain, JustBet can provide multi-party payments to users.

The Partnership Will Benefit All Parties Involved

Plair claims that it will integrate smart contracts In the future. It also plans to integrate the VeChain Thor wallet on JustBet to allow the VeChain and Plair community members to enjoy playing games seamlessly. Patrick Tang, the CEO of Plair, said partnering with JustBet and adding the PLA and VET token to gaming was the start of plenty of good things to come. He remarked that the partnership will greatly benefit the three firms. The endeavor is expected to bring more utility to the PLA and VET tokens on platforms outside VeChain.

JustBet will also be integrating VET-powered projects into its platform through cross-chain integration with VeChain. Plair is reportedly the first and most crucial ICO to have been completed on VeChain’s network. It is also the first ICO to get a novel integration with the JustBet platform.

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